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Straight from Faenza!!!!!

Note the Team name - no European!







The Minardi Cosworth F1 Team


will be making an important announcement on


Thursday, December 23, 2004


at the


Bilderberg Garden Hotel

Dijsselhofplantsoen 7

1077 BJ Amsterdam


to commence at


1300 hrs CET


All bona fide media representatives are welcome.










  • Showing your age Quigs, you were beat to the punch. :spank:
  • Not with the official Press Release
  • not anywhere near that but hey...

    okay let's speculate:

    albers to be confirmed? he said he would be making a decision before Christmas, pretty obvious, no?

    anyone who could pop by?
  • Yes, if you Dutchies can make it all the way to Indy when there was no Dutch driver to make a point in front of the Minardi garage then you certainly can get to Amsterdam.

    Stop by the Bulldog for me!
  • Stoddart in Holland at a nice hotel a couple months ago.

    Albers on the pit wall watching the young drivers set the pace.

    Now this. It's not as if they are trying to hide anything.

    JVC Minardi Cosworth
    Trust Minardi Cosworth

    in a couple years time.
    JVC Minardi Mercedes. (I'll get off the pills)
  • Welcome back mister Perridon.
  • Welcome back mister Perridon.
    Please leave your attitude at the door.
  • Look on the bright side. There could be more episodes of 'The Idiots'.
  • All bona fide media representatives are welcome.
    Jr ain't invited :P :hehe:
  • they only say that to avoid hords of fans but basically it is no problem
  • Now say about Trust what you want but at least they had a direct video feed of all JV press conferences which was very helpful!
  • Now say about Trust what you want
    Can you afford the lawsuit?
    I'll let rip if you want......
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