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Eastern Creek

Quick update guys.

Following on from our top 10 finish after a troubled run at Wakefield, our car went a 1:50.4 in practice today for this weekends championship round. Good enough for 6th on the grid last time the championship raced here. (in May) The car has come forward leaps and bounds over the course of the season, and we're almost 3 seconds faster than we were at our last visit to the venue. This was after we had our third fuel pump failure in 3 meetings...talk about bad luck.

Forecast predicts a dry qualifying session with rain for race 1, and continuing rain on Sunday for races 2 and 3. With a bit of luck, ForzaMinardi.com Racing could have its first podium.



  • Maximum attack. Forza!
  • Forza Forza Forza!

    we are with you spiritually!
  • Go Brooksey. Hey nice pic of the nose of the car in the lastest Motorsport News NSW section, Even got the name in the caption. Good work.
  • I haven't seen that yet. You wouldn't be able to scan it in and show us by any chance oz?

    Good news! After a trouble free run (finally) we managed a 7th place in race one. The car felt really strong and ran with the lead pack (2nd to 7th) all race. Forecasts still predict rain tomorrow, but if it holds out i'm very confident of a top 5, perhaps even a podium? If it rains...who knows?

    PS. This weekend will air on Speedweek in a few weeks...Forza SBS! :D :P
  • w00t :cool:

    Good luck Adam :D

  • Sorry Adam but that would require some IT competence. something I severley lack.

    Ps Don't have a scanner. Wouldn't know which bit to kick to get it to work if I did. :(
  • Well the weekend is over - sort of a case of so near yet so far for us.

    Race two saw us move up to 5th place before an enormous accident right behind me stopped the race short of full distance. It was considered a non-event and therefore our 5th place didn't count for anything.

    The weather changed rapidly prior to the feature race and caught us off guard. The fuel/air ratio was a little too lean and the car lacked the top end pace it had in the morning. I started 7th (based on my finish from race one) and again moved up to 5th, battling hard with the lead pack before the lack of straight line speed from the poor jetting dropped me back to 10th at the finish.

    Whatever the case, we had a great weekend and the car showed enormous potential for the Australian Championships in 7 weeks time. I've seen some of the SBS footage which will air on speedweek in a few weeks time, and I think you guys are going to love it! Great amount of coverage for our car (i'm either leading the second group or in the middle of the lead group) including a top overtake around the outside of turn 1 for 5th place.
  • Well done. Chin up.
  • Thanks Viges. I think RJ will be happy to see his investment paying off. :P :angel:
  • overtake around the outside of turn 1
  • The outside of turn 1 at Eastern Creek!!! Man that's too brave for me. :o:o

    Any idea what weekend it will be on Speedweek? Need as much notice as possible as I'm going away for a while and probably won't be here much. :(
  • Not sure yet Oz. When I find out i'll make a thread. I'll tape it so if you miss it, give us a yell for a copy.
  • Thanks digger. Don't know if I'm going to be able to watch a lot of TV over the next 4-8 weeks so I'm trying to sort some stuff out ASAP. Tomorrow will propbably be my last day here for a while.

    So you boys make sure you play nice with each other while I'm gone.
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