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Some f*cktard smashed my car window

Didn't even steal anything.

So what the fuck is the point?
Wow! You can throw something hard at something fragile!
What a fucking huge accomplishment!
You've reached the developmental level of a 4 year old!
Congratulations asshole :spank:

Such a pain in the arse though. The car is still on 3 wheels (broken suspension arm), and I've got no money (cos rego's due), so its now sitting on the footpath under a car cover, with the window wide open.

Yay! What a great month this has been :angel:


  • That sounds like something you would do and then come here and brag aboout it.

    Chickens have come home to roost it seems.

    Karma is a strange thing.
  • Sorry to sound harsh Clown, but Quig makes a valid point. Bit like splashing your company's logo's all over the competitions and screaming because somebody jumped up and took action on it. The term, Swings and Roundabouts, comes to mind.
  • Quig, Pull your head out of your ass.
    You know f*ck all about me, you've never met me, you don't know how I live my life.
    Your problem is you think that because I was born in Australia, I must be Paul Stoddart :rolleyes:

    OZ: Big differnce between between something that takes 2 seconds to remove, and something that costs $150 (And its f*cking hard to source parts for my car) and an afternoon to replace.

    And for what its worth, a mate once put on of the earlier mentioned stickers on my car.
    I laughed my ass off.
    Then got him back by putting a $1.95 sticker on his car.

    [Edited on 27/9/2005 by Clown]
  • It's a tough crowd Clown. Commiserations.

    I thought Lease was Stoddart. Oops...
  • Happened to me as well 2 years ago.
    I was PISSED OFF !!!!!
    A new backwindow cost € 165,- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank god for insurance !!;)
  • ^ No insurance for me. Bastards wanted $2500 a year for a $4000 value!!!

    Well after a days work, and a bitching case of sun-stroke, the suspensions fixed.
    Although its riding on the damn space-saver, so it handles like a Jordan.

    And typically, now its raining :(
    Guess I'll find out in the morning how water proof my car cover / old shower curtain combo is......
  • Sorry to hear that.

    If you keep your car on the street, you need to make sure it looks like it's being taken care of. I remember this study I once read about. The researchers left a flawless limo unattended in a bad neighborhood for a long period of time. The car sat there for a week and nobody touched it. Then someone decided to smash in the front window. After the initial damage had been done, the car was reduced to a wreck in just a couple of days - wheels gone, all windows broken, graffiti everywhere, all useful parts ripped out...

    I don't mean to be a smartass with 20/20 hindsight, just offering a piece of information on how people behave.
  • ^ Totally agree.
    It probably happened cos its been sitting there on 3 wheels for a fortnight.
    But I had no choice but to leave it when it scraped off the tow truck.
  • This happened to me a month ago. Local gang that I managed to piss of, or a jealous ex boyfriend did it. Both were talkin a lot before it happened.

    Anyhow, nothing was stolen. Door was still locked when I got out there. They also took whatever they hit the window with and hit the door a couple times, leaving nice dents and bare metal.

    How pussy of a thing to do is that? Said gang also beat the shit out of my buddy Saturday night. 30 guys jumped 1 guy. Puuuuuussy.
  • or a jealous ex boyfriend did it
    you might want to rephrase this one :hehe:
  • ... of the girl I was seeing at the time.

    As for the run, shutting a garbage bag or tarp in the door works pretty well. ;)
  • ^ Did that as well as possibale, but its a targa so its a bit of a bitch to do.
  • That sucks Clown, happened to my bro a month ago, someone threw rocks and they smashed 2 windows on his Jeep. The bad part is that he is trying to sell it so it is still costing him a ton. An insurance sucks ass, our deductable is too high so it won't cover the glass that was broken. As Jello says, a trash bag works pretty good, I also add some box tape to make it a little stronger.

    Jello, note to self, don't piss off the local gang.
  • Yea, we didn't try. We still aren't sure why my buddy got the beatdown. He's pretty lucky though, considering they used knuckles and a pipe but only on his back. A blow to the head would have been unthinkable. He's also lucky considering that they've pulled a gun on him previously.
  • First a 9mm through Quigs garage door, then Clown's window!

    If I was paranoid, I'd think the bastards are out to pick us off one by one!

    Keep your heads down!

    Of course, they would know Quig's intentions nukewise and are just taking pre-emptive action. ;)

  • Doc - it was telstar with the 9 mille thru the door.
  • Actually that was my garage door. They probably don't mess with Quig because of his nuke intentions.

    Maybe it is Red Bull retaliating for us starting a petition.
  • Got a new window from the wreckers for $75.
    Took 45min (really didn't want to break it) to pull it out of the car.
    Had to do it in the midday sun though, feel kinda stuffed now.

    Gonna wait 'til the afternoon when it's cooler and I have a bit of shade to put it in.
  • w00t! Fixed now :D

    Now to do something about that god awful space saver :spank:
  • Quig and Jello make me feel happy I live in jolly old England!!
  • Somebody looked at me sort of funny the other day.

    It happens a fair bit, to be honest.
  • Rub it in guys. :(

    How did you break the suspension Clown?
  • I took a roundabout at 70kmh in the wet, undeersteered, and hit a curb at a very decent speed.
    It snapped the ball joint in half, folded the suspension arm over on itself, destroyed the rim, and bent the guard when the wheel hit it (can't get the passenger door open at the moment).
  • Not good.

    Here, this may help ;)



    [Edited on 28/9/2005 by TasM]
  • Sounds kind of like my wreck. I was lucky enough to escape with only a broken tie rod, bent center link and a broken ball joint. Wheel survived as did the control arms. Went ahead and rebuilt the front end while we had it all apart.
  • Something similar happened to one of my cars as well. Never good, though I did have insurance so I didn't lose out.

    [Edited on 29/9/2005 by TasM]
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