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buon Natale

I'll vanish for a couple of day, so merry Xmas to everyone.




  • I also wish every one and all their loved one's a most Merry Christmas....God Bless All

    I forgot to mention that I spent a most enjoyable couple of hours with StodieBasher at the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past Tuesday. I really enjoyed his company.

    again, Merry Christmas and I look forward to meeting many of you in the near future........
  • As we say in Oz

  • bah humbug!
    Beat me to it :angel:
  • A Merry XMAS to one and All and a Happy New Year
    Un Buon Natale a Tutti e Felice Anno nuovo
    Joyeux Noel et Bonne Anné a Tous!

    Hoping 2005 will be a banner of a year for Team Minardi
    Phil G.
  • Happy Xmas to all and best wishes for the new year I bet we will get at least 5 points next year!
  • Merry XMas
    Feliz Navidad
    Bon Nadal
    Frohe Weihnachten
    Prettige kerstdagen
  • just got this I though I'd pass it on



  • Seasons greetings

    Have a good time
  • Best wishes to all - don't get caught up in all the Christmas hype - remember the Reason for the Season.

  • remember the Reason for the Season.
    yeah alcohol

    have a propper crimbo everyone
  • ^ Nah Quigley's right....

    Happy Birthday Santa!
  • Merry Christmas your ass
    I pray god it's the last
  • Clown, did you go with your mom to the midnight mass?:hehe:
  • Nah, I think I'm too old to care about Christmas anymore.
    I slept in until 12:30pm on Christmas day...
  • I'm getting a bit pissed off by adults getting a tear in their eye when you mention the word Christmas. I mean it's all good and well but don't behave as if the world is changing just because it is Christmas
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