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2nd driver to be announced in January

from F1racing.net:
Albers' to get Jan. teammate

A F1 teammate for Minardi rookie Christijan Albers will be named early next year, Paul Stoddart said. The team owner and principal, sitting next to the 25-year-old Dutch star, revealed at a media conference in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) that he is not yet decided on Albers' teammate, from a final list of seven.

He said: "The name will be unveiled in January." Hungarian incumbent Zsolt Baumgartner is thought favourite, but Patrick Friesacher, Tiago Monteiro, Nicolas Kiesa, Pastor Maldonado and Robert Doornbos all ran for the Faenza-based squad recently at Misano.

Stoddart said in Holland: "Minardi has ambitious plans (for 2005). It is very gratifying to see a number of Dutch companies getting behind a talented young driver in order to help him take that final step to the highest level of motor racing."


  • Fits in with what I posted earlier:
    News from a Dutchie:

    A new press conference is scheduled for Jan 27th, again in Amsterdam, to announce Albers sponsors etc.
    Maybe the title sponsor isn't tied to Albers?

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  • There is a non-driver title sponsor being worked on at the moment. The 27th is just going to be a more festive announcement than the press conference, from what I gather.
  • And the secound driver won't be Bas Leinders. He told the "Dernière Heure" that he does not have the money and he's still hoping to become a test driver for one of the big teams and he's 60% sure that he will get a seat.
  • I noticed PS said a list of seven, then F1Racing only lists six names.
    Zsolt Baumgartner, Patrick Friesacher, Tiago Monteiro, Nicolas Kiesa, Pastor Maldonado, and Robert Doornbos.
  • He better bring his earlier form/determination as well as a big chunk of dollars.
  • And leave his spoilt brat attitude at home..............
  • Minardi has ambitious plans (for 2005).
    i dunno what they are...

    points, better financial situation, just bluff?
  • hopefully it will be baumgartner - but anyone but verstappen
  • There is an article on gp2004.com posted on the 23rd Dec mentioning montagny as a possible also......

    The Minardi Formula One team are expected to announce Dutch driver Christijan Albers as one of the race drivers for the impending 2005 championship season, but if all the right chips fall into place, RenaultF1 test driver Franck Montagny is hoping he too will be dressed in the Faenza based teams colours next year.

    However, while the young Frenchman is confident of completing a deal with Paul Stoddart’s outfit, he admitted that like most of the smaller of the teams, securing a full time drive will boil down to finances.

    “I am still in contact with Minardi but well… the team has some financial requirements,” he said. “Finance first then, and if everything goes well on this matter, then they will be able to choose which driver they want to hire; if so, the probability is very good for me, but it’s hot!”

    In the meantime, Franck is taking a well deserved time off for the festive season but will be back in action for Renault early next month.

    “My training program will resume on January 3rd, to be in good shape before I drive again on January 12th,” he confirmed.
  • I want Gaston Mazzacane back.....:hehe:
  • I've been saying that for a long time but nobody would listen!
  • What a pitty.....

    Let's collect money to buy cockpits for Mazzacane, Katayma and Tuero for 2006!
  • Don't lump Ukyo in with those other two - Ukyo was a decent steerer.
  • http://www.f1racing.net/en/news.php?newsID=72685

    Minardi is officially the Dutch-Belgian F1 team.
  • Testing in 2005
    Yeah, allright. If he has the money...
    racing in 2006
    If my memory is right, he wasn't that fast in Misano and his performance in other class wasn't very exciting.....
  • Oh no - here we go again.
  • Oh no - here we go again.
    So far this vfan does not seem annoying or a post whore like scuderia_mark was. Hopefully he stays this way and then we can all co-exist. Please don't prove me wrong.
  • I want Gaston Mazzacane back.....:hehe:
    WTF? Don't even think of it laughing. You and RJ don't have an idea about how slow this guy is, go check his IRL performance last year.... :spank:
    Never was Frank Williams more close to the truth than in my signature.
    RJ, we will never agree on this subject.
  • I swear S_M was on Meth - he posted for like 24 hours straight.
  • What a pitty.....

    Let's collect money to buy cockpits for Mazzacane, Katayma and Tuero for 2006!
    P1 is right, Katayama was a decent driver. As well as Tuero. The kid was a bit unconsistent, but quick. GCM had him signed for the foloowing year, he stepped down on his own choice and due to some sponsors problems.
  • Yeah let's bring Gianni Morbidelli or Pierluigi Martini back!
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