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With no Minardi in F1 from next season onwards :( I've decided to watch Faenza. Anyone know any sites for the team. Preferably English because it'll take me a while to learn a new language.


  • Do a search for Faenza Calcio - there is a minor site but it is in Italian. Funny I thought the same thng a whle back but as

    1. I really don't care for soccer

    2. The chance for me to make a game is near zero

    3. The chance to ever see a game on TV here in the States is less than zero

    I abandoned the idea.

    But if any of you find Faenza Calcio jerseys or whatever send me the link.
  • thanks. Gives me an excuse to learn Italian

    All 3 points exist for me but gives me something to do in my weekends now.
  • In the German interview with GCM that I posted a couple of weeks back he mentioned that the football team is for sale.
  • wish i had money now.
  • I doubt it would take much money to buy the team, I'm pretty sure they are in the last division of Italian soccer, not like trying to by AC Milan for example.
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