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  • The Other Italian Team. The one that we don't speak of.
  • those who seem to be keeping an eye on this humble site as well:o

  • Did they allready claim ForzaToit.com? :hehe:
  • Haha. That's great RJ. Maybe Aldo checking in on the team that made him? :P
  • Hey - the Yanks were 4 for 10 on that list!
  • james, after red bull 's Minardi buy out, TOIT means THE ONLY ITALIAN TEAM left on the grid.

  • Do I still hear a broken record?

    Minardi is still Italian while the boys and girls in Faenza are the core of the team. When Stoddie owned the team it wasn't an Australian team. It doesn't matter that Load of Bull own the team, it is still Italian.
  • Minardi is still Italian
    Did I miss something? I thought it is called STR by now :spank:
  • Minardi is still Italian
    Did I miss something? I thought it is called STR by now :spank:
  • NEIL S. - I work here and we are still Italian and will always be an Italian Team.
  • for me it's not italian any more, i'm sorry.

    i have been supporting minardi for a lot and a lot of years but now i will be switching to Ferrari,

    I know it sounds like a broken record but don't blame I'm frustrated and I have still not taken any anger management lessons.:spank:
  • Neil, please. We know now.
    Don't repeat yourself so much, have some respect for James and the lads in Faenza (Faenza is still Italy, the squad is still Italian) !!!!
  • James - were you at the Bash recently? a little birdie told me there was much dancing and removing of clothing? Seriously though have you seen any major changes in a little over a week of RB ownership? Do you expect any?

    Forza Faenza!
  • I really can't understand you Minardus, what's there to support, even the logo is changed!
  • It's very simple Neil. He supports the people that did their stinking best for a team that was called Minardi but now has been taken over.
    Clearly for those people their job is more important than the name Minardi and the history of it in F1. You can't blame them for that.
    You also can't blame the ones on this forum that have actually met the staff in Faenza and therefor have another relationship with them than you have. You're 'just' a fan of MINARDI (and everything that comes with that) and Minardi has ceased to be.
    I wish everyone in Faenza all the best and thank them for all their sweat and efforts in the past, but they serve another boss now. A boss that I don't like. A boss I can't (for now) be a fan of.
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