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happy new year to you all and your families.

2004 wasn't that great.

My wishes are simple and maybe silly.
Hope a year with a little less war and a little more love.

God bless you all :D

p.s. and, possibly, hope Minardi is going to improve.


  • Happy new year doods :D

    [Edited on 31/12/2004 by Clown]
  • I wish you all a very good 2005 !!!!
  • More than one point in 2005, you hear me?

    Forza Minardi!
  • Happy New Year Everyone!
  • 2 hours to 2005...my new year wishes is that minardi gets 3 points which may well come true...

    happy new year to all too...wanna bet?
  • High Five everyone!
  • Happy new year everyone!!!

    And how is everyone feeling this morning???? lol
  • Tired... very tired....
  • The room is spinning and my clothes smell... bad.
  • Happy New Year everybody and lets hope it's better:D
  • Happy New year to All!
    Buon Anno a Tutti
    Bonne Anné a Tous!
    Hoping 2005 will be a greta year for Team Minardi!!!
  • Bonne Annee and all that shit. So glad to make it through that time of the year again. Can't eat or drink another thing till March!

    On the 'This is my Year' theme, I had dinner with a mate who is doing a bit of work for a friend in Cambodia and is travelling back and forth.

    On a Sydney/Singapore sector a couple of weeks ago, he found himself seated next to DC.

    Now my friend is not at all into F1 so he wasn't partciularly interested in his travelling companion. Just some small talk as you do.

    He said that DC was wearing a Jaguar T-shirt and spent almost all of his time working on a laptop (that's a dancer to you Salvo).

    My question is; why was DC travelling way down in Business class on Singapore Airlines with their palatial first class just metres away? Could be the trip was paid by Red Bull and they want to remind him of his employee status. If the trip was business then what business did DC do for Red Bull in Sydney? I didn't hear or see anything.
  • Flogging a disgusting energy drink per chance?
  • Probably shagging Sydney chicks. ;)
  • ^ Nah, probably more like a visit to "the wall" :hehe:
  • hehe nice call :hehe:
  • So far rotten start to 2005

    new years day and day after. ill with throat infection. also had strained a muscle in my shoulder. Since Wednesday afternoon banned from most of my house because my bro "might" have mumps and I have very important exams next week.
  • I know it's late but just returned from a hol.

    Happy new year to all of you / families / friends!

    and a bad one to the ones you hate!

    (am I supposed to say that???)
  • Aye, all the best for 2005 one and all

    Lets hope its a good one
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