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Some things are changing...

According to F1Total.com, RB is going to keep most of the Italian members of the team - also Fabiena and Tredozi.

The English-personal will have to look for another job, they will be replaced by Germans and Austrians.

[Edited on 4/12/2005 by Homer]


  • Racist Hun.
  • The last time Germans/Austrians teamed up with Italians didn't turn out so good. At least this is just motor racing.
  • Thanks for remembering us telstar :rolleyes: ;P
  • Thanks for remembering us telstar :rolleyes: ;P
    Your welcome, but ya I guess its pretty easy to remember without anyone mentioning it.

    Also good luck to the English team members, if Super Aguri takes flight they can at least get a job there if not somewhere else.
  • Zwei volker ein sieg:hehe:
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