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from Sporting Life
Tyre company Michelin will withdraw from Formula One at the end of next season, leaving Bridgestone as the sole supplier.

The French firm's future in the sport has been in question since their tyre problems caused 14 cars to pull out of June's United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis after the warm-up lap.

Those difficulties prompted stinging criticism from Max Mosley, president of world governing body the FIA, and were felt by many to be one of the key reasons behind a subsequent plan to introduce a single tyre manufacturer in 2008.

Michelin had always objected to that idea, unlike Bridgestone, and now they have confirmed their withdrawal, firing a broadside at Mosley and the FIA in the process.

Chief executive Edouard Michelin said: "This decision is the result of profound differences between Michelin's long-standing sporting philosophy and the way Formula One is managed by the regulating authorities, which no longer provide a clear and sustainable environment to justify long-term investments.

"For Michelin, leaving Formula One in no way represents abandoning motorsports, to which the Michelin brand has been committed for 117 years.

"If Formula One's ways of functioning were to be significantly modified, Michelin would not hesitate in proposing its services to the different teams once again."

Wednesday's news leaves Honda, Red Bull, Renault, McLaren and Scuderia Toro Rosso to negotiate a deal with Bridgestone for 2007.

Michelin reassured his company's teams that next season's tyres should not suffer due to their imminent withdrawal.

He added: "No matter what, Michelin will do everything possible to ensure that its partners receive the best service and the best tyres to help them win during the 2006 season, as has always been the case since our return to Formula One in 2001."


  • good for the current Bridgestone teams. :cool:
  • Bad for Faenza!!!

    They are obligated to switch to Michelin this year and then back to BStone next year !!!!:spank:
  • great we don't really need to worry about that :hehe::hehe:
  • "great we don't really need to worry about that "

    hmmmmmm...... "what do you mean WE are surrounded by Indians, Kimasabbi ????" (Tonto to the Lone Ranger....)

    hmmmmm....... I see your panties are still in a twist..........
    (Murph to RJ...... with affection......)

    Forza Faenza !

    [Edited on 14/12/2005 by Murph]
  • it won't be minardi that will suffer penalties from a detuned engine and a tyre fiasco. it will be a crappy outfit imposed on (some of) the good people that used to be part of a team i believed in hence my feeling of solidarity is a limited one.
  • "it will be a crappy outfit imposed on (some of) the good people that used to be part of a team i believed in"

    I do recall that when Ger visited Faenza and talked to our good friend that he (Ger) was told that 95% of the staff at Faenza were thrilled with the change of ownership.......

    Mr. Minardi was pleased to see that his boys jobs were saved for the next couple of years........ plus the fact that now those working in the winter months will be paid at their regular salary, not a minimum wage.... and they will be paid for overtime, something that they missed out on under their previous ownership..... RJ, you were there at the tour of Faenza when some of the guys were asked how many days was Paul at the factory per month........ ya remember the answer, don't ya?

    No one can predict the future........ will Faenza be closed down in a couple of years and the team moved to England or Austria? There has been a lot of opinions expressed along those lines.... Will Mr. Minardi have any role with STR? Will MCSF and the other Minardi Clubs still exists and have any relationship with Faenza? I'd sure like to know the answers to those 3 questions but so far there is nothing but silence from our friends in Faenza...... untill we hear something concrete from them, there is no use in speculation.

    Am I happy that the Minardi name is gone? no
    Am I happy that that Paul saved the team from oblivion? yes
    Am I happy that Paul is no longer running the show? yes
    Am I happy that the boys of Faenza will have a true workable budget for the next couple of years? yes

    Am I concerned with the suggestion that the operation in Faenza will be taken from there and moved to England, Austria, or somewhere else? yes

    Do I feel that the boys in Faenza have the chance to show the Red Bull management that they are more than capable
    of great things.....that they can show everybody that the innovations of the '90's can be repicated? yes

    Am I 100% sure that everything will work out well forthose we know who had worked for Minardi? no

    Will I hope for success for those drivers who at one time or another drove for Minardi? yes

    I've been following f1 big time since 1972....... In the 70's and into the early 80's (before f1 became all about $$$ and not a sport) I was able to meet the odd f1 driver by sneaking into the pits and paddock area at the Glen, Mosport, and Montreal.
    Getting to talk to Nigel (Lotus days) at Montreal for a couple of minutes or Mark Donahue when he was driving the 917-30 during the Can Am was neat........ but nothing compares to being invited to a tour at Faenza......being picked up by the mechanics at the train station during THEIR 15 minute break.... having dinner with Mr. Minardi, Massimo, PLM, Zolt, Albers, Patrick, Graham Jones, and others........ being guest of the team in the paddock at Imola....... finally having an expresso in the Minardi paddock....... In the 30+ years I have been a fan of teams that no longer exist.. UOP Shadow, Ligier, Brabham, Lotus........ but I was a fan of the team, I knew nobody who worked for those teams...... with Minardi I was a fan of the team, but more importantly over the past years.... I became a FAN of the PEOPLE at Minardi........ the Minardi name is no more....but most of those people remain.....and I will remain a fan of Faenza...., until not one of those people still work for STR...... I don't KNOW anybody who works for Williams, or Ferrari, or McLaren, or Renault, or........... I do know people who work for STR. Hopefully Mr. Minardi, Roberta, Massimo, Alberto, Graham, and all the rest will continue in one manner or another to work in Faenza...... key word is, hopefully.

    ciao.................... Forza Faenza
  • The bad thing about this is that Michelin has been hounded from the sport; for humiliating Ferrari and speaking against Mosley. This is why F1 is starting to suck badly.
  • Bravo and Forza Faenza!
  • Murph that was perfect! Well said!
  • As usual Murph has hit the nail on the head!!!!
    Can't say I'm surpised that Michelin were given the push. After Indianopolis they were on a sticky wicket. It didn't help that they were bolshy regards accepting the FIA's performance rstrictions for the race.
    As regards a one tyre formula. Its not good for the sport. F1 thrives on unpredictability. From 2007 a team with the best chassis will win the championship and most of the races as the other teams can't rely on tyre discrepancies to close the gap.
    However it also probably means that Bridgestone will have to wait till 2007 to win anothere race. Lol!
  • Bravo Murph.

  • while I admire your loyalty it seems as if the holy shrine in faenza has lost its main priest which makes it even easier for me to dettach myself from what is happening down there.

    see front page

    it is a very, very sad day but i didn't expect anything else...
  • Yes, it is a sad day. I had heard that this was happening a couple of weeks ago, but it was only confirmed this morning, a couple of hours before Emmo sent you that news. The others that I know with the team are still part of the team.

    And yes, I will continue to support the boys from Faenza. Loyalty is something that I was taught at a very young age.
    I guess I am not a "Sunshine Patriot"........ (see Thomas Paine)

    Forza Faenza !

  • that's all good and well but coming back to my original point: with gcm gone, andy gone (and I wonder what will happen to graham, james and richard because they don't seem to fit into the new owner's ethnic policy as well) the amount of people still in faenza that had any connection with minardi and hence us is getting smaller and smaller. soon there will be nothing "minardi" about the new team at all. as i've said before, there are ex minardi people working for toyota and ferrari as well. honestly, i wish them well but i couldn't get passionate about a team that is run by the people who have destroyed the best team ever and hence i won't get my knickers in a twist about their choice of engines or tyres and about them facing another 2003 type season.
  • Sorry, but your ORIGINAL point was that WE won't have to worry about Michelin & detunned engines.......

    "great we don't really need to worry about that "

    Your using "we" is wrong ....... You assume that everybody here shares your view........ I was pointing out to you that I do not ( The Tonto to Lone Ranger quote..."what do you mean WE are surrounded by Indians, Kimasabbi ????")
    share your view.

    I went on to tell you why I still care for what happens in Faenza.

    The fact that you don't care anymore is not my concern.....Everyone has the right to have their own opinions....though, I am pleased that in your most recent reply you used "I" when expressing your view.... you're learning.......as THAT was the point in my initial reply.

    I will add that I do realize that I am in the minority here with my views....... but I have no problem with that......as Groucho said, "I wouldn't belong to a club that would have me as a member".....

    still, with affection.................

    [Edited on 15/12/2005 by Murph]
  • RJ I to am as you know in Murphs minority. Last month I had the great pleasure once again to visit Faenza. I was told that time GCM was offered a contract to stay with Torro Rosso for 1 year. His brief was unknown so he needed clarification as to what his actual part in the team was. It appears that this was not to his satisfaction and he decided to leave. Sad - yes - very much so!
    Our mutual friend who has been working with GCM for 16 years told us how sad he was to leave.
    I will support the Faenza boys and girls as long as they are around. Like Murph said the experience of 2005 in Imola was simply amazing and something I will never forget. I find it hard to believe you could turn your back so easy.

    I support the Faenza Torro Rosso team
    I will always uphold the Minardi dream
    GCM will remain my hero and the fact that I had the privillige of dining with him I will never forget.
    I will continue to support past Minardi people wherever they are.

    I am Irish a past Jordan supporter though that was a while ago ( National pride and that) but write it on my headstone I am a Minardi Fan and I am proud to say I was at Minardifest 2005 with a great bunch of guys.
  • Hey Ger

    We both better get our fat asses in shape for climbing all around Spa or those headstones will be getting carved a heck of lot sooner than we hoped....... then again, Patty and Mary might look at this as a "positive" outcome of Minardifest 06......................
  • Working on the Thighmaster as we speak........................
  • I think this whole situation serves to show who the real Minardi fans were. Yes they were people who came onboard when Stoddart took over, but they had little knowledge of the team. Nor were they willing to accept that Stoddart had little interest in Minardi!
  • Isn't it possible to still support the (old) Faenza staff but NOT support STR at the same time??

  • "Isn't it possible to still support the (old) Faenza staff but NOT support STR at the same time?? "

    Yes......Everyone is entitled to his own opinion........ you support/don't support who ya want................
  • Even if GCM starts a new team I will still support the team members that remain in Faenza. After getting a real budget to work with now it would be hard to imagine them leaving to work for GCM again. Most of my support though would turn to GCM.
  • good stuff Murph, if I were a Red Bull executive I'd invite you for coffee and scones at Indy
  • "good stuff Murph, if I were a Red Bull executive I'd invite you for coffee and scones at Indy"

    Well, I will be at Indy...... looking forward to the Pit Walkabout on Thursday..... I will be wearing my MCSF tee shirt and will be looking to talk to Massimo and any and all others from the Faenza crew that I know................

    I'll probably have coffee and a couple of "bearclaws" with Bernie................. not into scones.......
  • gee, I hope you meant that OTHER bernie

    btw, I don't like scones either but I'll have a coffee with ya murph
  • I'll be in Montreal, looking to spit in Mateschitz' face.

  • He'll probably just enjoy it, the Austro-perv. They're all perverts over there, you know.
  • :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:
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