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Four Hills, Ahonen

Well done to Janne Ahonen for his fourth victory at the four hills tournament (albeit a shared one this time)

I bet our Finnish friends will appreciate it! :hehe:


  • What the hell is it?
  • I'm guessing, of course, but I think it's something to do with our Alpine friends. Umm, jumping off a hill wearing a crash helmet, something like that. You know how long the winters can be.
  • i'm not even going to start...

    anyway it's the year of the Olympics so one should be up to date about these things...
  • I quite like the bobsleigh, mainly because of the nuttiness and, of course, it was invented by a bunch of mad Brits on holiday in St Moritz. Apart from ice skating (which isn't a sport) I think our only winter gold came with bobsleigh. Oh, and curling last time round for the Scottish broom ladies.
  • Ice hockey isn't that big in the UK but I do remember the CCCP v USA shitfights in the 70s; they were fun. Like the Cold War on ice.
  • I bet our Finnish friends will appreciate it! :hehe: [/quote]

    Yep we will :D That's good enough!
  • I enjoyed the fact that Janda won too. But what has happened to the Germans? The jumping millionaires seem to have lost it...... No more Schmitt and Hannawald?? Maybe they will score in the ‘combined’ with Ronny Ackermann.

    Luckily for the germans there is 'Rodeln'…… A sure gold for one of those big ladies. The gents will have more opposition from the likes of Demtschenko, Zoeggeler and Benshoof. Or will Hackl-Schorsch pull out a last medal??

    In biathlon (a great sport) the current leaders in both the men’s as the women’s World Cup-standings is a German I believe: Alexander Wolf and the redhaired Kati Wilhelm (I like her I have to confess…)

    And last but not least: ice speedskating is, despite the fact it may be small, a real sport ! With the only hope of a medal for the Dutch…. I’m afraid though that Anni ‘Boobs’ Friesinger and the Canadian and Asian ladies and Shani Davis and Hedrick with the men will disturb our golden dreams…….
  • Hasn't Georg Hackl retired a long, long time ago?
  • I dig Biathalon as well but in years past the US broadcasters have either refused to show it or put it o at such oddball times that it is difficult to watch - all because it nvolves firearms.

    Amazing eh?

    One day I'll buy one of those Anschutz rifles!
  • Hasn't Georg Hackl retired a long, long time ago?
    No, he never will.
  • He will compete for the 6th!! time at the Olympics. He claims it will be his last one.
  • yeah, well just ry and find wrestling on the US television! It's going to be another crappy year of in-depth personal stories and very little coverage of the games! The last good coverage was in 1976 by ABC in the US.
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