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What happened to the header?

I miss Quig's stern sensible face. Every morning it would remind me not to do anything stupid....


  • I'm still there but anything stage left of Zsolt is, poof ...gone.
  • The banner is a two part image, do a refresh and the rest will go.
  • Maybe on a WinTel or Linux machine.
  • :rolleyes:

    Your fruit has refreshed the right half but not the left


  • Maybe on a WinTel or Linux machine.

  • www.never.com
  • Now the damn thing has no pictures and just the fm.com bit.

    RJ must have been out drinking again and is now practicing HTML.
  • tell your web guy to get yours up (the website that is)then RJ will be forced to refurbish!
  • re banner... I thought I'd get rid of the ring and make the banner readable to the over 50s which are increasing in number...:hehe:
  • I never did like the ring.
    BTW:Iit looks a bit stretched (vertically)
  • well you designeroos if you can come up with something better: dimensions

    778x113 divided in two pics of 523 and 256

    will supply logo on demand
  • the over 50s which are increasing in number...:hehe:
    Thank God you are not talking about me but those OTHER old guys.
  • I'm lucky enough to not even have reached 20 yet.
  • I was accustumed to see my face every morning at the header of a popular website....

    ... now I return to a life of obscurity and privacy!
  • ... a few people were already asking for autographs....
  • I was having the same Nei, day in day out. I was known as the good looking one in the gold ring
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