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Jordan not for sale ??

From GrandPrix.com:
Jordan Grand Prix off the market?
The word on the street at Silverstone is that Jordan Grand Prix is not for sale after the failure of negotiations between Eddie Jordan and Christian Horner of the Arden International Formula 3000 team. There has been vague talk of deals with Midland F1 and with a mysterious Chinese backer but the latest suggestion is that Jordan is going to go it alone and wait until the value of the F1 teams increase. Both Bernie Ecclestone and the GPWC are promising big payments for Formula 1 teams which join them. The value of the teams is uncertain because of the uncertainties which hang over the sport.

The problem for Jordan is getting the budget necessary to run in 2005 although his situation is probably a little easier than in 2004 because his engine bill will be less than before. Last year Jordan is believed to have been paying around $17m to Cosworth Racing for his supply of V10 engines. This year he will have Toyotas and it is thought that the cost will be down to around $10m. Jordan can rely on money from the Formula One group, which will bring in around $12m, and there will be money coming from Benson & Hedges, although this is likely to be less than last year given that the tobacco company will probably have to stop its F1 activities at the end of July in order to fall into line with the new UK laws on tobacco sponsorship. However it is highly likely that Jordan will also be getting some form of settlement from the Ford Motor Company over its decision to stop all involvement in F1. This could be a substantial sum of money. In addition to that the team will have three pay-drivers and the latest rumours suggest that Timo Glock will benefit to the tune of $14m from the DHL Speed Academy while Holland's Robert Doornbos is tipped as the other driver and will probably bring around $7m. An additional $2m will come from the third driver although there is not yet any word on who this might be. All this means that Jordan will probably have a budget which is at the same sort of level as in 2004, when the team is believed to got through $47m.


  • Then they will probably do nothing better than last year (when they had a great driver like Nicky Heidfeld).

    Good for us.
  • What a lot of details in that piece. The 7 million-figure combined with Doornbos did already circulate in Holland, but untill now I heard nothing about Timo Glock who would bring in 14 million. Jezusmina, that's a lot !

    For us dutchies it would be incredible if Robert would drive for Jordan.
  • The more chaos and the longer it takes for them to sort themselves out - Red Bull as well, does nothing but give us some clean air to run in to close the gap.

  • You mean 'gap' like in travelling toTipperary ??
  • Horner is now a Red Bull employee.
    Purnell and Pitschforth are sacked !!!

    From F1racing.net :
    Christian Horner, most recently the very successful head of the Arden Formula 3000 team, has moved up to Formula One. The 31-year-old Briton has been named Sporting Director of Red Bull Racing, effective immediately.

    Horner will jointly manage Red Bull Racing together with a new Technical Director,
    whose appointment will be announced within the next week. Horner and the new Technical Director succeed Tony Purnell and David Pitchforth, Managing Director and Team Manager of Jaguar Racing for the past season.
  • Jordan not for sale, or Jordan not saleable? Sounds like its falling apart, like Prost and Arrows. If you were a buyer, why would you go for them rather than go from scratch? If you were a sponsor, would you be filled with confidence?

    Jordan may yet survive, but they are losing credibility and capability by the week. Bettter them than us.
  • Latest 'news' about the sale to Midland. It says Midland will buy 49% of the shares !!

  • EJ is addicted to F1. He's not going to loose control of his team. Lokk at Midland. If he takes over there will be a management clearout.
  • Petrol, Autosport says he'll be put in charge of commercial affairs before the team is renamed in '06 - that's IF the Midland buy-up goes through.
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