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Last drive at Vallelunga

Thanks Andrew!!


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  • Whats with having to log into some other site?
  • he links the image from his webmail, and that doesn't work...
  • Sorry for that. I haven't got another way to post it now. A bit of a shame, because I think it's a historic and nice painting to watch. I'm sure more people on this forum will have received it.
  • http://photobucket.com/

    They can host the image for you to link here.
  • email it to me and I'll host it.
  • Emmo will you get his permission for the MCSF Site

    I got it perfect from his email and printed very well.

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  • What say Biker - can we put it up on the MCSF site?
  • I received the following email from Andrew Kitson:

    You may remember that I posted some of my paintings on the ForzaMinardi site, especially those that I painted for Paul Stoddart personally.

    I then sent you an e-mail image for your desktop. Here attached is the last Minardi one I will paint for him. It was a Christmas gift from his girlfriend, of Paul driving the last lap of a Minardi at the November Vallelunga test session. A sad occasion but one I felt would be appropriate to capture on canvas.

    If you are interested in seeing my other work, I have an e-mail with links to my other prints. This will be sent upon request.

    I wish you a happy 2006 despite the loss of the great name in F1.

    Best Regards
    Andrew Kitson

    Andrew Kitson Motorsport Paintings
    2 East Court
    East Street
    PE19 1JU
    Tel: ჸ (0)1480 406734
    e-mail: info@andrewkitson.com
    website: www.andrewkitson.com
    I've anwered Andrew that I would put it the painting on FM.com (as he did himself before) and I guess he doesn't mind if you put it on the MSCF site as well but to be sure you can ask him yourself (hence the email-adress)

    I'm a bit surprised though that you want to put PS on your site ;)
  • The MCSF is made up of many people - many are quite favorable of PS while others are not. The painting is quite nice and I am sure Minardi fans that visit our site would like to see this work.
  • wow, excellent painting!

    here here to emmet!
    (btw, stoddie's gf is prety hot if I remember)
  • If I were him I would have been trying to get some from his assistant.. Fabiana? I think that was her. Wowza.
  • Jello, You do relize that she is SO FAR out of your league that it would be like the playboy chick landing in your bed at the end of Animal House right?
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