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New McLaren livery

Who else thinks it looks like old Ron Baby has taken a bit of inspiration from MFI ? !


  • you mean the medieval feminist index or the malaria foundation international?
  • I'm not too impressed with the chrome livery.... I would imagine that in sunny conditions, the cars will be very difficult to photograph..... hope it is a tad cloudy at both Indy and Monza when I attempt to photograph the circus.......

    Bring back the "Yardley McLarens" of the early 70's.... that was a very sharp livery as I recall............ and the Beta March of Vittorio...... the JPS Lotus of Super Swede...... Legier Matra...... UOP Shadow........ Martini Brabham's.................Penthouse Hesketh ( now that is when we should spent more time in the pits...... and getting some free samples from the "Durex" Surtees sponsors as well................. but not the Politoys Williams or the ISO Williams.......... ahhhhhh, those days when I was in me twenties........ a long, long, long time ago !!!
  • At BAR in 2000 we looked at doing a chrome livery and of course did lots of tests for photography and TV and you just couldn't see the sponsors logos clearly enough so we went for the white car with the flashes of silver on instead.

    MF1 have been christened MFI in the UK after a cheap furniture store that goes by the same name !

    Sorry to be intrusive but you mentioned BAR, and my mind made some weird connections......you weren't in Indonesia over the weekend were you?

    BTW I agree, I think that car's going to be unbearable to look at in Dubai.

  • good they'll never go to dubai ;-)

    Ron has the "silver arrows" fad he has to live up to so he needs to keep the car in these colours. And he has been flirting with some more red in the livery for quite a while.

    Re: Midland. I don't know, they have made quite some adjustments to their livery since they moved on from the Jordan yellow. I don't know whether you guys remember, but Lease posted a picture of a Beech commuter aircraft some years ago with an aweful lot of flaps and winglets, looks a bit like that.

    I really liked the blue 555 bar which somehow never made it onto the grid because of regulations issues.

  • I don't think that's red, RJ. I think it's supposed to be McLaren Orange.

    At least this way the transition to Vodafone will be less noticable.
  • "At BAR in 2000 we looked".

    What was your role at BAR, James?
  • With the money they've got coming next season, I expect that to to be pure silver on the new McLaren. At least then, they'll have an excuse when they underachieve. The car was just too damn heavy.
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