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Sato and Ide confirmed Cucumbers

From Home of sport:

Sato, Ide, to race for Aguri - official - 15 February 2006
As widely anticipated, Takuma Sato and Yuji Ide will form an all-Japanese inaugural driver lineup for Super Aguri in 2006, the new Formula One team announced on Wednesday morning.

'I am grateful that these highly experienced drivers are joining my team,' said team boss Aguri Suzuki, a veteran of 64 grands prix and also a team owner in the IRL category.

While BAR-Honda refugee Sato needs little introduction, 31-year-old Ide - a Formula One rookie - joins the scene from Japan's Formula Nippon, where he finished second in 2005.

Although now officially part of the F1 fraternity, however, he had not driven a grand prix car until Tuesday, when he helped 29-year-old Sato roll-out the interim 'SA05' in England.

Ide said: 'I was nervous, but very excited. The car is powerful!

'We had no problems and now I am very much looking forward to testing in Barcelona next week.'


  • i have a soft spot for Sato....i like this guy...

    its an interesting team from a certain point of view, at least for a Minardi fan, brings back memories...the joke will be apart from the name if they also have a green livery....LOL
  • I like him because he's entertaining in ways that drivers should not..
  • I'm afraid he was fully found out last season. The only reason he's in is because of his nationality. That move on Trulli at Suzuka was the last straw.
  • well he scored a podium finish in f1, there are quite a few drivers that can't claim such an achievement.

    have we even heard of yuji ide? i'm sure he "jouzu ni kuruma o unten shita koto ga dekimasu (上手に車を運転した事があります。)" but has he anything that one could refer to as pedigree?
  • I like Sato but he was absolutely rumbled by Jenson. BAR last year was a hard car.
  • Tora, Tora,Tora!
  • fully agree, the guy was completely overlooked while doing rather well in the Tyrrell
  • agreement here on takagi too. :(
  • My vote goes to Ukyo "Kamikaze" Katayama :)

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