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This Could Be Great!

Man - it will never happen but what a spectacle if it did!

Rossi challenges Alonso to a duel

Wednesday, March 15th 2006, 11:53 GMT

MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi has challenged Formula One champion Fernando Alonso to a high-speed duel to see who is quickest.

The 24-year-old Renault driver said last month he was unimpressed by Rossi's Formula One tests for Ferrari and felt it would be very hard for him to switch from two wheels to four.

"He might finish fifth or even get on the podium some time but I could do the same on the bikes if I was given enough time to practise," the Spaniard told a news conference.

The words appeared to have stung Rossi, who was quoted by British weekly Motorcycle News on Wednesday as saying he wanted to put Alonso to the test.

"I read that if Alonso is able to make some practice then he can put a MotoGP bike on the podium with me," said the 27-year-old Italian.

"Well, I think we should drive a Formula One car, a World Rally car and a MotoGP bike, add the times together and then we will see who is the fastest."

Alonso told Gazzetta dello Sport that he was ready for it.

"Valentino triple challenges me? I find it something very enjoyable. So I reply I'm ready for it."

Rossi, winner in motorcycling's top category for the past five years, has tested repeatedly for Ferrari including a session in February with other drivers.

The charismatic Italian has also competed in rallies and Ferrari's seven times world champion Michael Schumacher has said Italy's highest-paid sportsman has the talent to make the switch to Formula One.

Alonso won Formula One's season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix at the weekend.


  • hello everyone,

    this could really be good

    but alonso stands no chance in a duel like that
  • Alonso does stand a chance. But he will definitely need weeks of practise on that MotoGP bike, and I don't think he will have that amount of time. And he'd better hope that they'll drive the WRC over a real circuit.

    [Edited on 19-3-0606 by Stan]
  • no chance with valentino!
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