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Alonso quickest in 2nd friday training. I didn't expect him so soon to be fast.

Christijan, although probably on low fuel, surprised me even more.

Let's wait for tomorrow for some real results.


  • Schu has passed Senna with his 66th pole.
  • Yes. Swervemaker got pole but its the race that counts. I've got doubts over the durability of the Bridgestones.
    MacLaren have to stop qualifying so heavy. Its compromising their race. Toyo seem to be on the up. Honda better hope for a clean race. The problem with getting their tyres up to temperature needs a complete redesign to solve.
    Williams seem to be fiding their level. Midfield. Imola tells you how good your car is mechanically. I still say they have a poor chassis. Its just that they've ironed out the handling vices.
  • my word, i had a deja vue... just an inverted one:P
  • tehe.

    I wish I'd caught this one. :(
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