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Klien out, Doornbos in after Spain

Muermans is paying Red Bull 7 million euro more to get Doornbos into the race seat, they were previously paying 8 million euro for the testing seat. This is being reported by f1racing.net and no one else yet so no idea if its true.

Shame for Klien that he is losing out to someone with some cash, and doesn't look good for two RB teams existing in the future if they are taking on pay drivers now.


  • It makes no sense that a company the size of Red Bull would need an extra seven million Euro's!
    Plus Klein is probably the better driver of the two and has out performed Coulthard in everything but races where he has had reliability problems?
  • Q. What do people with money hate?

    A. Spending their own money.
  • spot on, roo

    muermans are willing to fork out 15 million? pretty sure minardi never got that kind of money...
  • It's true. I just heard RD on the radio. He more or less confessed.

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  • Its like the old adge; " Whats the quickest way to become a millionare in F1? Start as a Billionaire!"
  • Doornbos his own site denies everything!
  • It is not true. The manager of Doornbos is blaming the management of Albers for being the source of this nonsense. It was only on F1racing and this site/magazine happens to be the sponsor of .....Albers! Secondly, a dutch F1 photographer wrote in his weblog that Albers in person told him that Doornbos will replace Klien. It is not going to happen.

    By the way, Red Bull came with a really funny pressrelease, haven't found the english version yet though.

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  • Here it is:

    In view of a spate of rumours on the Internet today, Red Bull Racing would like to clarify who will partner David Coulthard for the rest of the season.

    Monaco: His Highness Prince Albert
    Silverstone: The new BRDC President, Damon Hill
    Canada: The singer Bryan Adams. Why? Because everything he does, he does it for us
    USA: Jim Morrisson. Why? Because we’re told he’s good at closing the Doors on other drivers
    France: General de Gaulle. Why? Because he’s always got his nose in front
    Germany: Kai Ebel. Why, because at last he’d wear some really smart clothes
    Hungary: Christian Klien as it’s the nearest thing to a home race for an Austrian
    Turkey: anyone who can get over the Bosphorus bridge in time for practice
    Italy: Flavio Briatore
    China: some Wong number
    Japan: Eugene Ide* * subject to FIA approval
  • Klien has not done enough. I think that says more for DC than Klien but await the torrent of shite ...
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