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Look at who won Eurovision this year...

A mixture of Marylin Manson, Kiss and The Darkness (better outfits though)

I wonder why Neil didn't tell us about Malta's entry this year :P



  • that's a good one RJ, yep I knew we had a bad entry, that's all so I thought I 'll better stay hibernated!!!!!

    well done Finland. I think it was a nice song and I was humming it all day long!

    Hard Rock... Hallelujah!
  • missed the song but they looked awesome.
  • I guess I'm getting old. I don't like the songfestival turning into a showfestival.
  • Lithuanian's entry was also good -


    "VOTE FOR US"!
  • Bloody Europeans.

    Do some people still think this is a serious contest?! We gave up years ago; no-one is going to vote for us.

    Gosh! Ukraine gives its votes to Russia and ... amazing, vice versa* (* insert Greece/Cyprus, Serbia/Greece, Bosnia/Macedonia, and so on and so forth).
  • while this might be true (and I agree) the funny thing about the song contest is that people still watch, even in the uk. all the students I know, even the ones that say it was shite, still watched it.
  • Bloody students.
  • Malta do not have any neighbours that can vote for us. Italy has long said this festival is shite!
  • but its a great opportunity for the host country to spent 30+ million euros on this crap, its incompetent goverment to think that this is a good way to make foreing policy, its 60 year old national superstar to prove that mumification works, and our post olympic national economy to go down the drain once more.....guys seriously, my country is at its worst and i cant see how the hell we are going to survive this...everyone is on loan, huge debts at the banks with an average salary of 800 euros per month...
  • oh well in england everybody is in debt with average unemployment benefits of 800 euro a month ;)
  • Bloody parasites.
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