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Caption Competion (as well)


  • "The Glass window in the pool looked like water to me" Mr. Horner told the press when he woke up in the hospital days later.

    Reminder: Do not mix Red Bull with Vodka... :)
  • Supernerd returns
  • as we are a company that intends to make sales in the US we cannot condone full frontal nudity, besides who'd want to see that?
  • ....and to conclude, Red Bull DOESNT give you wings
  • Evidence that members from ForzaMinardi.com filled the pool the night before with Piranha fish are "pure speculation", according to the local judge presiding the case.
  • superman hopeful Christian Horner (sp?) fails in vital test of a superhero.
  • There was much amusement at the annual Red Bull toga party when someone slipped a red sock into Christian Horner's washing machine.
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