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I can't believe we lost all our messages. It's very depressing!!!!!

Rj, you have my "solidarietà".

Let's start again.



  • Muaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh:(:(:(:(

    I'm a newbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to have four shining stars....:(:(:(:(:(

    I hate technology:mad:;)
  • At least we all start equal salvo:(

    Any bets on whos first to 1000?
  • Clown or Jello.
  • if you remember your post count I might be able to program that for you:hehe:
  • This is...interesting. All my 54 posts are gone :(;)
    I guess we just have to rebuild the forum again.
  • 6012 prior to the board dying.
  • sure, jello or clown will be the first to reach 1000.

    Linus, my 1430 posts are gone as well. This is the day after for us. :mad:
  • okay as you can see from linus that works so you 6000 posts, quig?
  • I think about 290, does it have to be exact?
  • you see salvo, you're a posting freak again :-) just a matter of changing a number in the database
  • Woohoo! My posts are back! :D
  • Eheheheheheheh:D:D:Dyuppidù


    QUIG, I WANT YOUR NICK BECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeah - it was 6012 as end of yesterday. No big deal - post count is not a big deal - it is the content that counts.

    If everybody gets theirs back then it is ok if not then leave everybody at the same starting point I say.

    [Edited on 20/11/2004 by MCSF]
  • I meant I want it back
  • you want you posts back as well, quig?
  • Like I said - if everybody gets theirs back - which would be a hug amount of work for you and completely unnecessary - then its ok. If not let the numbers all start at zero.
  • yeah, i think we should be back to normalcy asap
  • Quig you're making me cry. Not reading "equigley" above that lion makes me feel nostalgic
  • Yeah - its different but I think this is better for net security.

    Plus, I have had strangers come up to me at Indy and call me equigley!

  • So should you make it to Imola, should we address you as Mr Quigley Sir, quig, MCSF or what ???? I feel some advice is required.;)
  • bag o shit is pretty typical from people I meet but as long as you don't call me late for the first round of vino then we will be OK.
  • As long as you're buying you'll be there :D:D:D;)
  • As long as you're buying you'll be there :D:D:D;)


    I would hope so - who would sign the cc slip?
  • The waiters would be Italian, how would they know?;)
  • I'll keep silent with the waiters ;)
  • Good man salvo:D
  • I'm sicilian;)
  • Can someone with Firefox select "Work Offline", and go into the history 2 days ago and check the post counts?
  • RJ, now I discover why!

    By the way, I was at 418, so now it should be 425!
    Thanks if you can set me there again!
  • Ah! Thats better. I feel more important than (almost) everyone else again ;)
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