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A new dawn...



  • HALLELUJAH, praise be to RJ. I got no work done for the last few days, how could I with no forum to escape to.

    That'll teach 'em to mess with La Famiglia ForzaMinardi.
  • Did I miss something round here? What the hell are you guys on about?
  • See what happens when you go walkabout!!! I was gone for two days, and all hell broke loose with some new Verstappenista when the TDW rumour came out.
  • Matt's having some problems to reach his previous posting rate lately.
    Didn't mess anything besides some TDW fans bashing around. Nice to see you back, hope you're watching the playoffs in spite of Bengals' absence.
  • I'm with Matt. Away for three weeks and all hell has broken loose. Who the hell is Scuderia Mark? and why was P1 so pissed?

    Any hoo I will be at the Melbourne GP in the Fangio stand.
  • The people who made this site go down for a few days made me realise how much I depend on Forszamianrdi for a little bit of F1 chat that is sensible, intellegent and all about Minardi.

    I can't do without all my extended F1 family.

    Long live forzaminardui.com
  • Yes indeed. Whatever it's called.
  • Ditto here...
    I was living uder a rock waiting mor my PC to be repaired, no idea what you fellas are overreacting about :p
  • P1 put the boot into TDW and his followers and they got pissy and TDW fan leadership called on their last resort - the Childrens Crusade of scipt kiddies and they invaded.

    RJ turned out the lights and they all went home crying as they were afraid of the dark.
  • sounds like an adventure
    who said the off-seasons are boring :D
  • "who said the off-seasons are boring"

    The poor suckers that have not yet discovered the awesomeness that is ForzaMinardi.com
  • Amen Nomad
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