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Webber Not racing for Williams in 2007



  • Yes, Lewis will be loaned out.

    Great to see Webbo in a race-winning car at last. Makes me forget about Jense's self-inflicted purgatory for a bit.

    Webbo is the most courteous, relaxed driver I have met. Loved talking about Minardi.
  • TasM I presume you don't get proper f1 coverage where you are. In Monaco 2006, Webber locked up his brakes at Ste devote while under pressure from Raikonen, who then passed him on the drag up to Casino square. Top teams don't like mistakes like that when in a leading position.
  • Renault will be a better place to be than Williams.

    Williams has a feel like Minardi in 2003 where the team is pushing but is frustrated by failures that occur because of all the corner cutting.

    I'm sure drivers don't like it when the car regularly blows up after the second pitstop.

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  • Originally posted by Petroltorque
    TasM I presume you don't get proper f1 coverage where you are. In Monaco 2006, Webber locked up his brakes at Ste devote while under pressure from Raikonen, who then passed him on the drag up to Casino square. Top teams don't like mistakes like that when in a leading position.
    oh for christ's sake, how small a detail are you hunting for Petrol? Next you'll be telling us all how your expert analysis has revealed that if Webber braked a poofteenth later at turn six of Barcelona 2004 he'd have gained a place on the grid.

    Who fucking cares if he had a lock up at an inopportune time? He's not the first driver to have it happen and he wont be the last. I'd say Frank remembers the car breaking down rather than Mark losing a place to Kimi at St Devote.

    If you read the interview with Ted Kravitz @ itv-f1 you'll note that Frank is quite apologetic about the car and the team letting Mark down so often.
  • good news about webbo!!
  • Petrol, yep forgot that one, but that's reaching a little. He was pressuring the renault and Kimi for most of that race and was driving an F29, need I say more.
  • sorry max torque there is no corner cutting at williams

    raining here in budapest looks like it will be wet today....
  • I beleive that's this will be the first ever wet Hungarian GP?
  • webbo confirmed heading to redbull.
  • Red Bull Racing has confirmed today that David Coulthard will continue to drive for the team in 2007 and that his team-mate will be Mark Webber.

    "I'm very pleased to be able to confirm our driver line up for next yea," said team boss Christian Horner. "David has continued to lead the team well and demonstrate the form he showed during 2005. This season he achieved the team's first podium in Monaco and has shown commitment, determination and motivation to deliver at the highest level in Formula 1. It was therefore an easy decision from both sides to extend the relationship for 2007. He's still one of the best drivers on the grid and we're delighted to have him in the team.

    "Looking to Mark, we chose him for a number of straightforward reasons. One, he obviously has undoubted speed and ability, and two, he appears to have the determination and motivation needed to succeed. We're entering an exciting new phase in the short history of Red Bull Racing and Mark was an obvious candidate for us. He's got a good track record in F1 and we're delighted to have secured his services for next year. We believe that together he and David will form a very solid partnership, which will give us one of the strongest driver line-ups in the field. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christian Klien for all his hard efforts for the team over the last two seasons. He will remain a Red Bull Racing driver until the end of the 2006 season, and we will continue to give him all the support that we can during that time."

    From grandprix.com

    good, bad, indifferent??
  • I think Klein will be the linchpin as to all of the other driver moves. Key player that Klein.
  • I heard a rumor about Klien heading to Nascar.

    Edit: And I think JV will go there as well now that BMW has officially dropped him !!!

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  • webbo confirmed heading to redbull.
    Damn I hope it's a one year deal, with options in Mark's favour. He then might get a choice where he goes for 2008 once Fisi retires. :(

    The first Newey car could be sensational, so perhaps all is not lost. He might have bargained the choice between going to Renault in 2008, or staying on at RB, depending on the points situation at some stage next year.

    If anyone wants to borrow my rose coloured glasses....
  • Ok so just to stir the pot of Anti RB Minardi specially the Australians who hate Red Bull- Where do you stand now? Is Red Bull still the Demon Seed of Satan?
  • Red Bull are in the sport for all the wrong reasons. They are seeking to redefine the sport according to their own marketing aims and should never have the support of anyone who takes F1 seriously.

    Webber has made a choice for the advancement of his career. From the stanpoint of today, that looks to be a curious choice. Maybe he knows something the rest of us don't.

    I think it would be sad if Red Bull win a world championship, no matter who the drivers are.
  • Lease,... you must be feeling sick, that was only an 87 word reply!;)
  • I'm am going to find it extremely difficult to support RebBull. I will continue to support Webber as he grew up with many of my friends and relatives. But Rebull? I can't even bring myself to slurp down their drinks because of the disregard for the name and history of Minardi. It's going to be a bittersweet year I think.

    One interesting point will be watching DC and Webbo. I this is the first time webber has a team mate that has alot more experience and someone he can acutally learn something from. I'm sure they will really push each other and be quite close.
  • it seemed that webbo was never in the hunt for renault. looks like kovalainen destined for that and fisi making way for someone like raikkonen or button (surprised?).

    webbo would like very much to be in williams and would take a paycut but flavio's cut becomes meaningless when the salary is so small. flavio convinced webbo to take redbull cos of his cut NOT that webbo is that interested in the money and he definitely has redbull as a distant 3rd choice behind williams and well behind renault.

    makes sense?
  • Flav never wanted Mark to go to Williams in the first place. Now he is saying listen to me, you need to leave. I guess regardless of how well he has driven this year the records will only show DNF.

    I am somewhat disapointed he is going there, but I hear all these theories how this is a stop gap stint before going to Renault in 08! But weren't Williams also offering a 1 year deal as an option?

    RBR will never win a championship with that Ferari donk in the back. Maybe there is a sting in the tail of this story which we wont see in the short term.

    I keep hearing Flav saying that "everyone wants Webber" yet he goes to RBR. I guess it was Flav doing his job to build up his asking price. Oh well, good luck Mark. Let's hope Adrian pens a beauty...
  • I'm so........ neutral.... on this. I'll buy a Webber hat at next year's GP to continue my collection but that will be it.

    I just can't support Red Bull, they are the antithesis of everything I like about F1.

    I can't believe Mark would have gone there if there wasn't a 'bigger picture'.

    'Roo - pretty sure the Williams extension would have been for 2 years, thus tying Webbo up in 2008 when he might need to be free.
  • "Everyone wants Webber (but not me, really, we don't want him)" - Flavio.

    I don't understand the dislike for RBR. I don't think they're any worse than any of the other manufacturer teams are. Red Bull has a steady backing of basically every type of motorsport and at least make it seem like they care about developing drivers and the sport.
  • The Newey car should be quick but fragile. But as Roo said they won't win anything with a power plant from Maranello. Too many variables beyond their control with that engine.
  • Webbo-DC will be fascinating. Nip and tuck all season.
  • 2007 - it'll be DC's year! :P
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