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Minardi PS04 in Talladega nights!

Just got in from a night out at the movies. Went to see
"Talladega Nights" Nascar movie, a french F1 driver comes
to America to dethrone all-american Ricky Bobby. When they go into the profile of the french F1 driver, they showed a clip of Gimmi Bruni in the PS04 ! I screamed when I saw it. Go see the movie and see for yourselves!



  • Hmmmm..... put up with an hour and a half of Neckcar for 2 secs of Minardi?

    Kinda worth it :)
  • c'mon, it's will ferrel! that means ben stiller must be in it too:D
  • usually, almost always, its owen wilson with ben stiller.
  • and the gay guy who dates jennifer aniston what's his name, vince something.

    gosh I loved dogdeball, I must have seen it at least 20 times by now
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