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  • Final prove their still is a real Minardi team:

  • I agree with Lease; the semi-serious arguments are the only reason for coming here. The weak are hunted down mercilessly.

    The general crit of the 'official site' was its dullness. We had several converts here. You must find all this strong meat but it'll make you a better man.


    and now we adjourn to the movie debate ...

    Sellars American 'by then'? Are you mad? Yes, he was a vile human being but don't pin the Stars and Stripes on him. We're proud of our talented bastards.

    I'm not claiming Kubrick, merely pointing out he far preferred living here than in Hollywood. Everything from Lolita onwards was filmed in the UK. Ken 'Bond' Adam designed the sets.

    examples: the few exteriors for 2001 were shot on a beach near Liverpool.

    - almost all of The Shining was on a set at Elstree which burned down. Only the long shot exteriors were filmed in the Rockies and not by Kubrick. The snow was, in fact, polystyrene balls which one day blew right over Borehamwood town centre. The natives were unamused.
  • 'Cept for MCSF' ers though....................bunch of dickheads.
    Lease, your MCSF envy is blatantly obvious. Just send in your money (US only none of that kangaroo croc dundee funny money) and you will gain enlightenment. Your first courses in "The Way" will be given by our very own Irish Monk and Most Holy Enforcer, Ger.

    Rekart - are you off your meds? The "Official" aka TOMS was a better forum? Sheer madness. Minardi news broke here weeks in advance of it ever being considered over there. Tech discussions, personnnel yadda yadda was damn near non exsistent at TOMS.

    Minardi himself was reported to come here to look about.
  • Not to mention you could say things here you would never get away with saying there. Also the official forum was shut down long before the team was sold.
  • Yes and we had interviews + off the record insider info.

    In fact Rekart, you and everything you stand for is to be deplored*.

    * not entirely serious, just so you know.

  • I see why all the good members of the old official (and entirely superior) Minardi forums won't come here (excluding MCSF.) And I remember why I avoided it for three years.



  • Irish Monk and Most Holy Enforcer

    Rekart - are you off your meds? The "Official" aka TOMS was a better forum?
    Off Meds more like off his head.

    I agree with Lease; the semi-serious arguments are the only reason for coming here. The weak are hunted down mercilessly.
    Here Here
  • Originally posted by Telstar
    Not to mention you could say things here you would never get away with saying there.
    Ehh, that's arguable, the moderator was basically nonexistent there for the most part. Although I managed to get in a few arguments with him as well when he did show up.
  • Are you sure it was a him? In all my time I never figured out who Moderator X was.
  • The moderator was just "Minardi Moderator," but I have no idea who it was. He only seemed to come around once every 6 months or so, although he claimed otherwise. Whenever he did, I got in an argument with him. Usually over my language :D.
  • Funny money, eh?

    Happily, all the idiot governments from the wrong side of the planet will never catch on that the best way to keep a market economy bouyant is to engineer a lower exchange rate than the big boys. Keeps imports expensive and exports rolling. Wonderful for tourism; not bad for keeping investment money at home either. How have you been enjoying your recessions, by the way?

    What if ole Lease was to join MCSF, eh? Do I get voting rights at the AGM? Stage a coup maybe and move headquarters to Canberra (yes, girls, there is a very small possibility of a return)? Take the Cromwellian approach to Irish members. Could be fun.

    Of course, I'd have to take an interest in all things Italian, and that might be a trick. More than happy to look up to them on matters of style. Acknowledge 'the old ways' of doing business have their merits (if not morals); but I still want to laugh at everything else. Difficult.

    MCSF, PPFM, bunch of disckheads.
  • Back to Silverstone ...

    nice little photo and paragraph on the Minardi moment in Autosport this week.
  • What does PPFM stand for?
  • Popular People's Front of Minardi? Or perhaps in the Lease lexicon, Pompous Pricks For Minardi?
  • Peoples Popular Front????????????

  • Lease - the MCSF is a dictatorship. No votes. Coup's are futile as the leadership is heavily armed plus we have our own security detail based in OZ. Knows a thing or two about dogs.....

    Viges - what kind of article about Minardi - could you scan it or.....?
  • Whats going on no one has insulted anyone in hours!

    For the boredom check out some real racing When men were men

    [Edited on 19-8-0606 by Ger]
  • Jezebel.
  • Sorry I missed this one..
  • Bloody hell, a bloke disappears for a week or so and you lot lose the fucking plot!!!!!!!!

    Congrats and Bravo to the F3000 team and,

    FORZA Minardi, and all those who sail in her.
  • Get Stuffed!
  • No real Minardi fan would dissapear for a week or so - Never.
  • Oh, hello Henry.

    Quig was threatening to use you as a weapon to still my protest.

    Woof, woof.
  • Quig, I think you just blew my cover. DOH!!!! How's tricks old mate.

    Cheers Roo.

    Ger, some of us are otherwise employed elsewhere. A few other things on the plate at the moment. Just moved house as well, and well, all I'll say is DAMN PHONE COMPANIES. :mad:

    Hello Wayne old son, you're up to your usual I see!!! That's me, Henry WMD = Weapon of Mixed Distinction.
  • Didn't think you had a house, 'nomad!

    Obviously MCSF's fighting might hasn't been tested for a while.

    Be careful of the old superiority assumption Quig, you could get hit with a mac attack, a hack attack (electrons are faster than bullets) or just the next St Andreas shake down.

    By 'de fault' you shouldn't live in glass houses, hi-rise buildings or underneath anything hard or heavy.

    I guess if I lived in San Franscisco, I might become religious too.

  • Or gay. :P
  • Brilliant.
  • Touché Minardus!
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