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Then What?

Ignoring speculation and proceeding on the assumption, apochraphyl or not, that the Swervemaker will indeed call it quits at the end of '06; what happens next?

Do TOIT disintegrate as the rumoured departure of both Brawn and the Toad might suggest?

Will the Swervemaker follow Prost's example and set out to prove that being a good driver doesn't equal being a good team owner?

Could he move to Champ car, with the aim of etching his name more deeply in the record books?

Will he go into politics and become the first German to hold high political office that wasn't previously a Nazi, or an officer in the Werrmacht berfore '45

Will The Scuderia's racing division become a victim of economic rationalisation on the part of its ultimate parent?

Will Kimi step into the void, only to find that it has become a performance wasteland?



  • I silently hope he will sign at McLaren next season.

    Too bad it's not going to happen.
  • I can't see why he would quit!

    Unless the new TOIT Manager and Race Directors are mates of Kimi. :)

  • Ferrari will continue as they always have. F1 is Ferrari's advertising medium, it's why they exist. Team members will come and go 'but a racing we will always go'.

    I suspect all these stories are just that, stories. In the main to stir the pot to achieve an objective. I think the Toadmeister and his henchmen will return in 07.

    Luca D will make sure when and what the exit plan is, that a seemless transition is provided. Schumi will retire with another crown and all his achievements will be cast aside to the history books. A new chapter begins as he begins another life as a kindergarten teacher.

    That, or they get bought out by Red Bull. Now wouldn't that just really piss Neil off.
  • Don't know if you are right about the toad. Things have gone really quiet about Mad Max's successor of late.
  • no, schumy will race for another race.

    grandprix.com is saying that joining schumy will be kimi, and ferrari will leave them to battle it over without no first driver.... it is schumy's wish to battle it out with kimi on the same type of car.... jean todt stays with ferrari...

    ... or is it an April fool type of joke in the silly season of no GP races???!!!!!
  • Schumi and Kimi in 2007.

    Once he retires, he won't run a team. Gawd knows what he'll do but he simply isn't interested in motor racing, as he has admitted many times.
  • If it is indeed Schumi and Kimi in 2007, then the question becomes: Who will win?
  • A good question ...

    Kimi certainly won't bend over like his predecessors.

    Has Schumi ever been so tested? No.
  • it will depend on many a things....
  • Kimi and Schumi..... It would be a very interesting line up and the internal psych battle would be facinating. However, Kimi, IMHO, is a brilliant driver with God given natural talent but I do not think he is a intellectual match for Schumi.

    Kimi would do wel not to try and get into mind f*** games with MS.
  • Originally posted by vigesOnce he retires, he won't run a team. Gawd knows what he'll do but he simply isn't interested in motor racing, as he has admitted many times.

    I could see him buying a German footy team though. I do believe his passion lies there.
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