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You don't mess with a man's vehicle

Recently got a new car:

I've been slowly going through the process of getting it on the road (too busy and lazy to do it in a hurry)
Finally got the engine problem sorted today (fucking leads - its always the simplist thing )

Anyway, I payed the mechanics, but was busy today and didn't have the time to get it towed, so I left it parked outside the shop to pick it up after work.

Finally got there around 1:30am (damn night shift)

Unfortunately some motherfuckers decided to go shopping on my car.

Front bar was gone, and they fucked up the front guard getting it off.
Passenger side window was smashed, and scuba tank for the air horns is gone.
One of the centercaps was lying on the ground next to the rim, but they were too fucking stupid to get the rims off without the tool for the nuts (which was on the passenger seat you dumb fucks)
They also had a go at the strut brace, but could only get 2 nuts on one side and one on the other off.

Was so close to getting it on the road, but now I have another month of fucking around.
So pissed off right now.

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  • Thats well out of order. Nobody should f**k with another man's (or woman's) Vehicle. I've just got a new car and if any where to mess with it. Heads would roll.

    Hope you catch the numbnuts who did this and exact an appropriate retribution.
  • poor clown... good ride
    maybe they took offence from the licence plates
  • Didn't get the plates with the car
    (the pic is from the previous owners collection)

    To make matters worse, I went to the wreckers today to get a new window, but no-one could find the car.
    Looked around for 45min until I tripped and sprainded my ankle.
    Wasn't too bad until I was dumb enough to go to work.
    Can barely walk now its so bad :(

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  • once sprained my ankle when playing footie, hurts quite badly for a few days...

    at uni we had an ankle nurse, maybe there's one where you live
  • I sympathise with you, Clown.

    Go get them!
  • whats with the chrome wheels riceboy? :P

    race ya for pinkies? ;)


    [Edited on 15-9-06 by MinardiP1]
  • I was gonna get rid of the wheels cos they're a bit ricey, but they suit the car.
    As for pinks, I got a mate with a 12sec Vl turbo, one with a 500+hp GTiR, and another with an insane VR4 powered Cordia that'll happily take you up on the offer :P
  • I'll take the Cordia and the VL on, but the GTiR might be a wee bit quick.
  • I'll take you all on - 5 lapper around the Creek. ;)

    (note - 'around' the Creek. None of this straight line poser sh**)
  • Some C**T faced A**e Bandit has just scratched my car.
  • How deep? Might buff out....
    I hate key jobs, motherfuckers did it to my old car right down to the bare metal for about 10 feet.
    I feel for you man :(
  • Luckily its not too deep. Probably be able to clean it up with some T-cut or Turtle Wax. Its about 3 foot long.

    I've only had the car a month. They could have at least picked somebody else in the office car park to pick on.
  • Originally posted by Clown
    I hate key jobs, motherfuckers did it to my old car right down to the bare metal for about 10 feet.
    Same - BMW in 2004 from front fender to past the fuel cap. On a black car.
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