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    all the teleconverter does is "extend" your lens......for example...... when I use my 400mm/f5.6 lens with my 1.4x teleconverter......my 400mm lens "becomes" a 560mm lens ( 400 x 1.4 = 560 ).....

    when I use my 300mm/f4 lens with my 2x teleconverter my 300 lens "becomes" a 600 mm lens....... teleconverters are a very inexpensive way to get a much larger lens ( for example a 600mm lens runs in the thousands of $$$ but a teleconverter runs around $350+ US....)

    Also my digital Mark II is a 1.3 camera....means that if I just use my camera body with the 400mm lens I am in fact playing with a 520mm lens.......If I add the 1.4 telextender to the mix ....

    400mm lens + 1.4x = 560mm lens
    add this to the 1.3 Body..... (560 x 1.3 = additional 168 mm

    NOW my camera+1.4x teleconverter+400mm lens becomes a 728mm weapon to take pics...... sweet

    also..... when I have to shoot thru a fence...I try to get as close to the fence as possible and as low (on the same plane as the race cars) as possible.....

    2 examples from Indy this year...

    Mark is going thru the "Mickey Mouse" section (slow).....he is just coming into "play" for me but since I am close to the fence and shooting straight on with my big lens combo I have focused on him and put the fense so far out of focus it becomes invisable.....also by shooting at him on the same plane the fencing is not at an angle from the lens (its straight on) which again makes the fencing invisable....


    this pic of Juan (Ger calls him God.....'sigh) is from the same spot and I let him get closer and into the turn (It is much easier to shoot pics of the cars coming straight at you...you still have to shoot at a fast shutter speed ( to catch all the movement as the cars hit the curbs and drivers heads & hands are always moving)...


    When you go to Melbourne (and I am asuming that you will know your location before hand) try to get as close, as low, and if possible put the sun behind you.....and a slow corner where the cars are heading at you would make it so much easier....... and with a "big lens combo" you should get the pics you want...especially with the new Friday "test" days that will be a boon for us photo junkies....

    hope this helps


  • this pic of Juan (Ger calls him God.....'sigh)

    Allah be praised.................
  • Murph,

    So the steroid pumped lens basically brings you (effectively) closer to the track? Because those shots make it appear you are planted right on the opposite ripple strip, just beautiful! How far were you actually away i.e how much ground between where you were actually situated versus where you appear to be situated?

    I'm trying to think of a place in Melbourne where you can get that up against the fence.... not too many and none I can think of where the car is coming towards me. Mind you i'm changing seating arrangements next year and have spent the $$$ to go Corporate (you don't want to know, really) so my new seating position is on the corner of Turn 16 at Albert Park, just as the cars come past the pit entry and power on to the main straight. The cars are going fairly slowly thru 15 and pick it up going into 16 so I should get some nice shots if i get the right gear..... you've inspired me to get some top line equipment. :)

    I'll look on ebay, and email you the link to get your opinion if something captures my eye if that's ok. ;)

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    I'm guessing...but from me to the fence I'm shooting thru is about 8-10 feet..... from the fence to the corner would be about another (again, a guess) 120+ feet.....

    at Melbourne are you stuck in the grandstand for all 3 days or is Friday a day you can move around to other stands ? I would think that turn 3 (?) in a low position would be pretty good as they are coming at ya ( second gear corner ) and then you can also get a pan shot as they go on by.... that Senna (2nd gear)to Prost (4th gear) complex looks promising as well..........again, the lower you can get the better I believe..... I should ask, if your seat is high, can you still move to a standing position in fron of the grand stand next to the fence ? At Imola, you could do that at Tosa and at Montreal you could so that at the Senna Esses....but not at Casino Hairpin ? Looks like you have a little bit of planning to do...... if ya have any question, just send me an email...

  • Yeah unfortunately with the corporate seats they're right up the back of the Prost grandstand, at the very top and under cover. I think you can't move around either..... like you i'm thinking the Friday test day should be a good opportunity to get various shots at other points around the track. The good thing is being that high up I think the fence might be out of shot as they exit 15 and come up the little straight to 16.

    The gap between the front of the grandstands to the actual fence is about 12 feet in Melbourne. The only people allowed in that gap are the track officials and the cops. The lowest point of the grandstand (front row) would be about 6 feet off the ground...... I might be able to get to that point for a few shots but i'll still be 12 feet above the plane of the cars taking into account my height, maybe 9 if I crouch.

    I estimate in my corp seats i'll be a good 100ft from the track, maybe a little more, so about 120 from the cars.
  • Murph, have you got by any chance any pic of Mansell/Piquet on the Williams Fw11 (1986/87) or of Mansell on the Fw14 (1991/92)?
  • image

    I have a couple of Piquet from Detroit ('86) but like most of my old stuff, it hasn't been "digitalized" as of yet........ still waiting for my son-in-law to get my main computer up and running so I can start to work on lots of stuff........'sigh

  • You could have bought a Mac and by now and completed digi conversion of all your stuff!
  • why did I know that THAT was coming...........
  • There are as yet undiscovered tribes in Borneo who knew that was coming.
  • Hi Manilo27

    I don't really believe that I did an adequate job in my defense for my Ferrari feelings. Today, I went perusing thru my "library" and came upon Ferrari Formula 1. This was a photographic history of Ferrari by the great photojournalist Rainer W. Schlegelmilch. The Book was published in 1996..........I reread the Introduction to the book and realized immediately that these7 paragraphs do a much better job of expressing my feelings than anything I could ever conjour up...... here it is.....the only thing that I've added is I've capitalized the last paragraph...

    "Ferrari - as common a name in Italy as Smith or Jones here. But put the name on a car, especially a racing car, and suddenly there's passion in the air. The history of the Scuderia is full of love, and hate, and death, like the libretto of an Italian opera from the last century. And also full of hope.....

    Love: of the drivers as well, of course,,,,,,,,,, when they're young, impetuous and brash in the heat of action, like the young Jacky Ickx, Gilles Villeneuve who died so young, and Jean Alesi, who was perhaps brought into the team too early.

    And Hate: particularly of the drivers if they don't win as expected or simply often enough. First demoted and then fired in mid-season: men like John Surtees in his prime, the later Jacky Ickx, or Rene Arnoux who'd aged mentally.

    And Death: of Lorenzo Bandini who went off the track in Monaco in 1967, tired, fired-up, and overstretched because everyone was demanding too much of him. And that of Gilles Villeneuve whom the commendatore almost affectionately called his Prince of Destruction and who was in the end destroyed himself. It was 1982 in Zolder, and he was just too fast, exactly as everyone had predicted. The tifosi remain true to their legends - even seven years later it was still possible to see "Gilles, you live on - in us" painted on the track.

    And Hope: now resting, for the second time in the marque's history, on the shoulders of a German, on Michael Schumacher as if he were a faith healer or a Messiah under the banner of the prancing horse.

    The fascination of Ferrari - that remains unchanged, even if this fascination no longers hovers above Enzo Ferrari the man like a halo. It's hardly been transferred to the hydra in the form of Fiat which has swallowed up 90% of Ferrari."


    Boy, do I wish I could write like that...........'sigh

    [Edited on 18-10-06 by Murph]
  • sigh... the drama, those last laps of Schumacher pushing beyond words. a legend has left us...
  • yes he just showed how far above the rest of the field he was today, i'll miss that if only because it takes away the chance to see a direct comparison between Michael and other pretenders to his throne.
  • There was a race other than the Euro F3000?
  • Hi Murph,

    I can understand your explanation.
    Undoubtedly there is something simply legendary in the life of Enzo Ferrari and in the history of the Scuderia.
    It's an incredible history of love and hate, dreams and distress, life and death, with 1000 life stories entangling each other in it.

    But this is also because Ferrari dips its roots in the romantic era of F1, and I think all the histories of that age teams are veined with legend and romanticism.

    The same introduction (beautiful) that you quoted could be used for ALfa Romeo, or for Lotus (you just need to change the names, and use instead those of Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jochen RIndt, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti, Ronnie Peterson, Nigel Mansell, Elio De Angelis, Ayrton Senna...).

    Also the histories of Brabham, BRM, Williams and McLaren have the same halo of legend, and, why not, also that of our Minardi.

    And I love all of them, because in all of them there is life, there is bravery, there is romanticism, there is love for racing, for risking, for living.

    Irrespective of the persons that are behind the teams, one might like Jean Todt, Ron Dennis, Eddie Jordan, COlin Chapman more or less.

    That's why I say that you cannot really love a team more than the others, and why I've always concentrated on the drivers, on those who most teased my imagination and made me dream, irrespective of their nationality and even irrespective of their driving style sometimes (I was a big fan of Alain Prost and of Jacques Villeneuve even though their style was not like Gilles, Nigel or Alesi's).

    But we could speak about that for ages! I really hope to be able to be there at Forzaminardi gathering 2007 (whether it be in Monza, Imola or Spa), and have a great chat with you in front of one or two (or three or four) pints of beer.


    PS By the way, Michael Schumacher's performance in Brazil was one of those that make you feel reconciled with F1, and justify the addiction of still following the races even though you know that in most cases you're not going to see a single surpass! I never loved you, Kraut, but.....chapeau!
  • Manilo27

    The first pint is on me.........and at my "advanced age", make sure I DID BUY because I will probably have curled up and fallen asleep by the time the third round is being ordered.....................'sigh

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