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  • Congrats Minardus! easy winner in the end!

    Roll on next season
  • What is the prize for the second runner up!!!!!!:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

    is it a 1:42 scale model or what?;)
  • errm yeah... errrm... bear with me on this one. won't let you down, promised

    neil, i thought you had defenestrated your 1:43s?
  • i can start collecting 1 :43 ferraris;)!
  • 17th isn't too bad despite not being on after British gp i think. next year will be my year. lol
  • i take that Minardus' prize will be taken care of by facty

    as my prizes are starting to fall into place as well (thanks to generous contributions from sources I have to keep silent for the time being) could the 2nd and 3rd placed people PLEASE send me their address via email

    just a reminder, this message is for JumpeySpyder as well as Brooksey, Neil_s and FactyCrab
  • hi RJ.
    i was only joking on the third place prize, it may be to expensive to send so do not bother about it in my case...
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