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Has Nick got the Nod...

Webber 'knows' F1 team-mate - 18 January 2005
Oops -- on Sunday, Mark Webber turned red after letting the cat out of a bag on Birmingham's NEC stage.

Asked about the Heidfeld-Pizzonia duel to become his 2005 team-mate, the 28-year-old Aussie defied Frank Williams' avowal that a decision is yet to be taken.

He said at Autosport International: 'I know who my team-mate is going to be -- well ... um, I have a general idea about which way it's going to go.

'It's up to the team.'

At the motor sport show, Webber also said a new long-life tyre rule may be the end of do-or-die overtaking in F1. 'You cannot afford to (do that),' he commented, 'because you'll have no tyre left.

'We're going to have to use a bit of grey matter.'

Source www.homeofF1.com
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