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Lease, I want to learn to sail...

As you know, I live in the ACT. Can you point me in the right direction to begin the first steps in sailing...

I was absolutely hooked during my 4 months in Greece during 2004 and I want to learn the craft of sialing.

I have started by enrolling with the Canberra Yacht Club Sail school to learn the basics before going further.

Is this the best approach or should I join up for a course with an ocean based yachting school?

Any advice would be appriciated.

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  • Join the Navy :P
  • Tas, first step was the right one. CYC has accredited instructors to give you the basics and beyond.

    What you must do is use their hire boats as well. They have dinghies, cats and trailer sailers for hire and although you will find it embarrassing at first, taking the stick and doing it is the only way to reinforce your theory. It will also give you an idea in which direction, ie type of boat, that you want to commence with, without laying out ownership dollars.

    Also, go down to the ramp around an hour before race start on Sundays (high summer kicks off at 3:00pm, I think - earlier when the days shorten) and talk to the owners. If you let them know that you are learning, they will invite you to join them. There is also a placement service associated with the sailing courses - ask your instructor. If you want to send me some contact details I'll put you in touch with my mate Pat. A great guy and one of natures gentleman (which is code for vacillating twit) - wsillick@netspeed.com.au. He is always looking for someone to sail with and his boat - a trailer-tri - is quite quick and exciting in a fresh breeze. You will be perfectly safe as I taught him everything he knows..........ahem.

    Problem with Canberra - being inland - is that January has no wind, which can be frustrating. No afternoon sea breezes that are enjoyed by the coastal people. Autumn is great -spring is not for the beginner as you get very fresh westerlies and southerlies. Good luck, and stick with it.

    One last thing. Canberra yachties are great ones for travelling to regattas. If you get on a boat a couple of times, ask if they go to Marlay Point, or such, you won't be disappointed.

  • Thanks for the information, it was a little difficult knowing how to getting started.

    I am scheduled for the course starting in a fortnight, though I will check it out this sunday if time permits.

    I'll send my contact information shortly.
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