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The Book

All I can say is: spread the word. Don't know which communities you people post at but if you can, "plug" the story as much as you can. We need to raise awareness for this is the biggest thing since the Da Vinci Code ;)


  • Yay :)

    I'm glad I looked at the main page before asking "what book ? "!!
    Congratulations Simon I hope things are going well! I've always wanted a nice book about the team.

    However I'm not sure how I can plug this when its not released yet.

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  • Thanks, yes the interviews are going very well (Luis Perez Sala and Justin Wilson today) but I have been doing this for a year now and only just got a nibble from a publisher.

    Obviously, I believe there are enough Minardi fans and general F1 fans out there who would be interested in a well produced book with great photos and nice anecdotes, rather than a dry chronology. This will be in the £25-£30 bracket.

    I will let you know how things go with the publisher but things move very, very s-l-o-w-l-y.

    I am aware we need to strike while the iron is warmish and we have the 20th anniversary of Detroit next year.

    I must thank Quig, Murph, the good Doctor, Salvo and RJ for their help, suggestions and time.
  • This is a great idea and I am sure that just getting the word out to the Minardi community will generate some interest. Keep yur head down old bean - get back to work!
  • I have just spoken with Justin and passed on our best wishes for the coming season. He says its great to see Paul back racing.
  • Originally posted by viges
    I have just spoken with Justin and passed on our best wishes for the coming season. He says its great to see Paul back racing.
    I suppose that's not Paul Tracy ;)

    More on topic: great idea that book. Will Murph supply the pictures? I wish you lots of success making it (which should be great fun!) and also getting it published in a decent way.
  • That's really beautiful. Can I send someone some money right now to make sure I have the first copy? Looking forward to it Simon.
  • Put me on the list for a copy to :). I'll definitely buy it if it hits the shelves.
  • Put me down for a copy also. You should try to make an author and GCM signed special edition.
  • I can supply some photo's... then I buy the book.
  • Don't want a bar of it!

    This has nothing to with being overlooked for assisting with the ghost writing.

    Oh...all right, good luck mate.
  • Surely Lease would have been asked to write the forward. What a slap...
  • Thanks for your support.

    Murph's photos are an absolute treat; I'm sure you agree the man deserves to be published.

    Seles: all donations are gratefully received! RJ will pass on my email. Photographs is the main issue at the moment as the big agencies charge a fortune. I am determined that great photos are key to this project.
  • Well done Simon I'm sure you'll do a great job with the book, I can't believe you've managed to keep it so quiet until now!!!!!!

    Who have you interviewed so far?
  • GCM
    Perez Sala
    and a few v interesting people behind the scenes.

    to come: Fisico, Costa, Stoddie and others.
  • Good work Sir, good work
  • Great, Simon, I keep my fingers crossed.
    That line about the hammer still echoes in my hears.
  • well done - it's incredible, yes, and good luck!
  • Hey murph, just reading the Business F1 interviews with Stoddie ...

    - who helped him out with his tyre budget in 2002, getting Michelin to write off the debt?

    - who helped him out with the fighting fund money even post-Montreal 2003?

    Mostly Ron but also Frank. Judas, correctly, is the main focus of Stoddie's ire.
  • Simon Old Chap - next time oyu talk to Ron would you please ask him if he still has nightmares of a hammer wielding Italian gentleman chasing him down?

    Serously - ask him the next time you. See if he has any regrets over his comment that prompted the "event".
  • Yes, am on the case. Maybe this is a Brit thing (maybe the Aussies get it too?) but Ron is not as hard and nasty as he makes out. That's all a front, a way of dealing with all the shit. I'm not saying he and Frank are cuddly but who is in motor racing?

    Ron actually had a soft spot for Minardi, as one highly-placed source tells me in the book ...

    It would explain all the bluster at Montreal but then his subsequent actions (which is how we should judge a man). I am convinced people should focus their criticism on TOIT, Todt, Flav, Walkinshaw (remember him?) and Judas.
  • [quoteRon actually had a soft spot for Minardi, as one highly-placed source tells me in the book ...

    Do tell us more!
  • Buy the book, cheapskate
  • viges, have you considered one of those short run book publishers?

    If everyone is serious about a purchase then they can prepay and maybe cover the costs for overruns. What quantity were you thinking about publishing?
  • I have only got as far as thinking about it, Roo.

    I am not inclined to do it as it smacks of desperation to me. If I can't get one publisher to agree this is viable then that's pretty sad but the way of the world. Although the internet is changing things, publishers still have the trade/media contacts and the distribution.

    The publisher I am talking to is speaking of an initial run of 2-3,000 and take it from there.
  • ... it would also bump up the retail price!
  • Profiteer!
  • Bloody well done old son, can't wait for it to hit the shelves. Love the hammer chasing Ron comment.

    The Frog and and Irishman have always dubious types I've thought. In Montreal, Judas was turning quicker than a straight man in a gay bar. And I never liked the look of that little froggy bastard.
  • I mean self-publishing (vanity publishing) would bump up the price.
  • Any updates?
  • Viges old bean, any thoughts on asking, say, Murray Walker or even a Matt Bishop/Peter Windsor type to write a forward for the book?
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