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six nations

The first victory aborad in Six Nations for Italy. Perfect job.
Forza Azzurri!:P


  • Bravo Italy; great job.

    Some great games this weekend. Even the one in Dublin ...
  • Wow, the English got slaughtered
  • The Dublin game was awful from an English point of view but it couldn't pu a damper on me after watching the Scotland game with my Scottish mother in law!!!

    Great win for Italy
  • man, the stuff you miss without a TV :( did Wilkinson play?
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi did Wilkinson play?
  • Who would have thought, an Italian starting a thread on Rugby!!!

    As nice as it is though, when the world cup comes around we will all be trounced by the All Blacks.
  • ... if the Lion's tour two years ago was any indication I guess you're right :D
  • Absolutely brilliant! I don't think anyone could accuse the Italian team as being "lazy". I'm sorry but the comments made by some posters on the other forum got my blood boiling.
    PS Salvo, is Signor Prodi going to be able to keep power in the senate?
  • SuperRoo aren't the All Blacks the great under achievers? They always look good in the pre tournament runup and then slip on a banana skin.
  • PS Salvo, is Signor Prodi going to be able to keep power in the senate?
    His secret weapon -- going on a 5 hour speech on European integration to make everyone fall asleep for the vote -- could be his last chance :D

  • SuperRoo aren't the All Blacks the great under achievers?
    Under achievers! a bit harsh. They just came up against a very good Australian side. As Australia is crap at the moment and no other side is really a standout I think they should do it easy.

    I'm sure that Australia and New Zealand will again be drawn in the same pool, just so a token European side can get into the final.

    So it will be either Australia or New Zealand Vs (insert the losing northern hemisphere team here) in the final.
  • I know what you're going to say about France (and I agree) but they are rather good at the moment and it will be on home soil.

    Ireland can be a bit tasty too but the smart money has to be on the All Blacks. They were awesome during the Autumn internationals up here.

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  • Roo, correct if I'm wrong, but the allocation of groups is seeded. So if teams play to form the final should be between the top two ranked teams. If the groupings were done now that would mean an All Blacks France final.
    On a slightly different note I see that the Pumas will be competing in the tri_Nations next year. About time too! How on earth can the IRB allow a top ranked rugby team to develop in isolation.
  • I don't think they are competing yet. They are pressing the flesh to get the 3 boards to agree. Hopefully will happen. Problem for them is that most of their players are based in europe and would have difficultly getting back, if they are even aloud to take time off from club duties. The only way for them to start improving is to play the best on a regular basis. Italy a case in point. Compare them to say 5 years ago...
  • There was some rather grubby politics going on with the Argies and the Tri-Nations; it resulted in Japan losing the bid to host a future world cup.

    Yes, the Argies (or those that aren't already playing for Italy!) will have probs with a southern hemisphere tournament ... until they start playing for southern hemisphere clubs.
  • Solution seems simple. The IRB can recompense the European clubs for the players that are called up. After all the IRB coffers are awash at present.
    The whole Argie inclusion would bring an added dimension to the Tri-Nations. I saw one match on TV where the Argie team mauled for a full 70 mins by the end of the match they had to carry off the opposition prop forwards on stretchers due to exhaustion!
  • her we go again. Second victory of the tournament, never happened before!

    Forza azzurri!

    ps Petrol, sorry for the delay, I guess Prodi will survive (politically)for some months more.
  • Well done Italy. Mrs viges is not happy. It was an English ref and all!
  • The Italians are doing great and I must also compliment the English with their victory over the French. However the latter are for me still strong favourites to win the cup.
  • Sure but they were poor at Twickenham. A great game in lovely Spring sunshine. Catt and his young guns were playing good rugby in the second half. (PS Chabal looks huge even from row X!)

    If we still agree that France and Ireland lead the Northern charge at the World Cup then it is riddled with holes. The All Blacks have to be red hot favourites.
  • "ps Petrol, sorry for the delay, I guess Prodi will survive (politically)for some months more."

    I would say four years more.
  • neil, you're more optimistic than mr Prodi himself, I guess
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