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Aston Martin to return to F1?


  • Very interesting. Could also mean a return for Cosworth as well. That can't be a bad thing!
  • An Aston Martin-Cosworth team definitely sounds appealing, and absolutely not unrealistic, considering Richards' right to the new F1 team.

    Let's see what happens.
  • Could be very interesting, the Prodrive bid was always in with a reasonable chance considering the existing relationship. The best bit would definately be the Cosworth come back
  • I said on this board a month or two ago that Cosworth may have well submitted their engine for homologation with a view to 2008.

    Pats on the back allround thanks. :P
  • If true (Aston F1) what would they use as a chassis for 2008. There is no way that Pro Drive could build a competitive chassis in less than 12mos. I can't imagine them buying a McLaren Chassis and calling it Aston Martin F1.

    Speaking of chassis, no news on the customer chassis front with a week to go until Australia. I smell lawsuit
  • Have I missed something? What about the deal (if there was any) that David was going to run Mclarens B-team with a chassis and engine? There were rumours that Ron Dennis already had bought shares.
  • I think that Prodrive will now build their own car.
  • Unless ofcourse Richars decides to concentrate purel on running Aston and decides to sell his entry to Dennis and Ojeh.
  • I read a DR interview yesterday and the plans are still to purchase a chassis for 2008. He mentioned that an Aston Martin F1 chassis could be in the works 5 to 10 years from now.
  • on pitpass.com:

    David Richards has played down a reported link between his Prodrive formula one team and the buyout of Aston Martin.
    The 54-year-old millionaire led a successful consortium that has bought the British marque from Ford, but Richards denied that it means Prodrive will be branded Aston Martin for its grand prix foray starting next year.
    "People have put two and two together and got six," he told reporters at a news conference.
    "This is something personal to me and has nothing to do with Prodrive.
    "Our plan was always to go into formula one in partnership with an existing team, and the plan is still to do that."

    Pretty clear, I think.
  • Makes sense, commercially and historically.

    Aston Martin (and, indeed, Jaguar) are linked to sports car glory days, not F1. Aston's time in F1 was not so great.
  • 1959 wasn't a terrible year..
  • Yes, but only for Le Mans.
  • Here is some unreliable information:

    I called my contact at AM. I mentioned that he should put me on the list of 'hangers' on' for next year's Melbourne GP. His response was that DR emphatically denied that AM will go F1 racing.

    So I guess that means it's on, doesn't it?
  • Originally posted by viges
    Yes, but only for Le Mans.
    Eh? They had a number of points finishes in F1 as well.
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