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I am referring to the lead article on the front page. Thanks for putting it up RJ!


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  • against all odds quig, against all odds:hehe:

    telecom italia:spank::spank::spank::spank::spank::spank::spank::spank:
  • SALVO, WE ARE NOT WORTHY...... Awsome interview!!!!!
  • I agree with Petro! Great do read, well done!!!

    A big "Danke" from Germany :D
  • Congrats to Quig and Salvo - great teamwork.
  • Thank you for the great interview! :):):)

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  • Salvo - would it be possible to put it in its original Italian on the italian side of the site.

    Also, any reflections on this event as a few days have passed since it occured?
  • Slavo

    AS we like to say out here in western Pennsylvania..."Ya done good...real good". Of course, that is what is expected of a member of the MCSF !!!

    take care

  • :D thank you all, very kind of you.

    I want to thank Quig for his precious help, there wouldn't be any interview without him. And many thanks to RJ for his work too.

    And of course thanks to Giancarlo Minardi for having been so nice.
    I thought I would have been much more nervous to speak with a living legend like him, one my heroes. But I wasn't at all, cos GCM is a man who makes you feel at your ease.

    The interview was done for the MCSF (I feel so proud to be a member of its:D) and Forza is hosting it because MCSF's site doesn't work now.

    It was made last friday, we kept the secret cos we wanted it to be a surprise.

    Did you find it interesting?
    I was surpirised when he spoke about Gimmi, I didn't expect him to be that clear.

    But the part I like best is the one when he speaks aboutthe ex drivers. Very "Minardi style".

    Forza Minardi and thanks again for your complments;)
  • Salvo, I think we have to say thanks, not you. I don't want to be a crawler, but I say that this was the most interesting interview I've ever read (though... the one I did with Matteo Bobbi.... naaaa ;) )


  • Best interview with the Great Man I've seen. Excellent stuff.
  • Excellent work, salvo. There are a few things extra that I may have asked or put to him (like the fact that there is a general perception amongst Minardi fans that Bruni gave up far too easily) but then again i'm not Italian, and wasn't sitting opposite Giancarlo - in awe! :hehe: ;)

    Forgive my ignorance, but does GCM also speak english?
  • I wasn't sitting in front of him either, we spoke on the phone:hehe:
    No, he doesn't speak english.

    And, as I said to Quig, his accent from Romagna is simply delicious.:cool:
  • Salvo - Outstanding! Fantastic interview. Proud to be a MCSF guy (even if I am 6000 miles away!!) Ringrazia la riunione di non vedere l'ora di di Salva su in Imola sopra un piacevole Rosso un! Hope the translation was ok!

    Sorry Salvo just realised my Grasp of Italian sucks worse than my German and that sucked BAD Just ask Murph!

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    [Edited on 20/1/2005 by Ger]
  • That was a great interview. I too was surprised about Gimmi. I haven't heard a word about him.

    It would however be nice to have a driver for two years.

    Interesting about the car and their expectations.

    I am a happy boy this morning.
  • Fantastic work, all involved should be really proud of the result, a great interview with the great man!!!!:D:D

    Looks like some people deserve some drinks at Imola, hopefully to celebrate the new car:cool:
  • eheheh, well said:hehe:
  • pleasure salvo, absolute pleasure
  • A great interview. Gives depth to the person :)
  • Yes, it was a nice interview to read!

  • Bravo Salvo.
  • Excellent work, bravo.

    It seemed to read as if Stoddart isn't convinced on Gimmi and GCM is trying to persuade Italian sponsorship to get him the drive.

    Great interview, I love the last line.
  • I love the fact that Salvo called TOIT TOIT!
  • Great interview guys.We're not worthy
  • I agree with GCM........took this pic of Gimi at Spa.....hope to take pics of him at Imola

    imageimg] [/img]
  • WOW! :o

    Way to go Salvo :D
  • Great work, well done people.
  • I'm glad to see that Minardi have more budget this eyar than last year.........good to see they are working hard..........can always do with more money, but Minardi have to spend it and not use it as a 'safety blanket' for 2006. Minardi's best safety blanket for 2006 would be to produce a car that is competitive.
  • Complimento Salvo. I think we know for who Mr Minardi is rooting for. Bruni is not out!
  • I agree with Matt (Yep, you read it right!). Minardi need to spend all their resources into making this as competitive as possible. Red Bull, Jordan & even Toyota may be vulnerable and we must take every opportunity to be at least competitive with them. As long as we are able to race and scrap with at least one other team it will attract TV time and potential sponsors with larger advertising budgets.

    I am sorry to see that the 2005 all new car won't be ready for the start of the season. That would have been great, but alas not to be.

    As the man said;

    "Sure, never give up the fight" - GCM interview with forzaminardi.com

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  • Outfuckingstanding gentlemen.........................

    The three of you deserve all the accolades that can be bought forth.

    Quig, I noticed the TOIT references as well and had a chuckle to myself. Good one Salvo.

    The spirit of Minardi lives here. The journalistic skills of our Sicilian friend, the contacts of the MCSF Supreme Commander and Defender of the Faith, and the magnanimousness of our forum leader and founder. This my friends is, MINARDI
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