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The crazy old man was right

Cocaine found at F1 drivers' hotel
ASADA test drugs found in Melbourne
26/03/07 10:31

The FIA take a hard line on any drug use
Cocaine has been found at one of the hotels used by Formula One drivers for the recent Australian Grand Prix.

The country's national broadcaster ABC said organisers for the event, as well as organisers of the World Swimming Championships that was also held recently in Melbourne, had been informed of the discovery at the Parkview Hotel.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) had tested bags that were found at the hotel last Tuesday.

F1's governing body, the FIA, took a tough stance on cocaine use earlier this year when GT driver Luca Moro was suspended for two years after failing a urine test.

The last single seater driver sanctioned by the FIA, meanwhile, was Tomas Enge in 2002. He had his F3000 title stripped after testing positive for cannabis.

Source GMM


  • "He had his F3000 title stripped after testing positive for cannabis."

    Cannabis??? From what I hear cannbis doesn't stimulate you but relaxes you???!!
  • So someone did some blow in a hotel where F1 drivers were staying?
  • I know, its not too clear in that regard.
  • Was Bernie Ecclestone staying at the same hotel? In this case, everything would be explained.
  • I've long suspected that Bernie is a meth-head.

  • hahaha, I didn't know Aznar was still president?
  • Well, Bernie did say 'ex', but his behavior is still very.. um, how do you say.. out there? Brundle handled it well though.
  • That was really funny
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