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PS05 or PS06 thread

Well, I just started this thread because I am interested about what happened to all the PS05-chassis after Minardi became STR.
Did the STR test the RBR1 from the very beginning or did they test the PS05,too?

Usually,new chassis are developed during the season so I think there should be atleast plans for a PS06.
As I have read,STR some PS06parts in their STR1(e.q. nose).Is that true? Is there anything else about a PS06 we should know?

I still think that the PS06 would have beaten MidlandF1 and SuperAguri :-(


  • STR never ran the PS05. As I understand, Paul actually never sold them to Red Bull, and planned to use them if his entry for 2008 was accepted.

    It's likely that there was no PS06. Paul probably would have slapped a few new parts on the 05, called it an 06 and went racing. The PS02, 03 and 04 were essentially the same car (even used the same tubs), so it's likely that Paul would have tried to get a few years out of the new chassis as well.

    As far as I know the STR1 was pure RB1.
  • STR own the PS05's

    Paul was going to use the PS04 in 2008
  • I somehow have the feeling that paul wasn't really aware of that shortly after the deal had been done. I remember that during his last outing in the PS05 he told the press that he would be using the car for young driver development.

    but it's true what you say, his 2008 entry would have been based on the ps04
  • Well, I think it is clear that the PS06 would have been just an evulotion of the PS05.

    Stoddart said that the reason why the FIA should give him the chance to start in 2008 was that he is the only one who has got cars.No doubt he meant the PS04Bs.
    Unfortunately Prodrive won.
  • Originally posted by james
    STR own the PS05's

    Paul was going to use the PS04 in 2008
    He's more completely batshit insane than I had thought. Good riddance.
  • Stoddie didn't believe for one nano-second Max would wave him through.
  • One should hope not. Free publicity I guess.
  • I think the reason that Paul has some PS04Bs was not enough, also he and Bernie Ecclestone did not like each other in the past this much...
    Entering in Formula One is very expensive even before developing cars and so on...I think Prodrive has got most money of all who wnated to start in 2008.
    As I know they want to to the same with their car as STR and SuperAguri but the would like to use Mclaren.
    Poor Spyker, form next season that is legal but for poorer teams that is still unfair.(still does not make sense to me, this ain't Formula 1 anymore than).
    Maybe they all should try to start such an agreement as the concordeagreement with Minardi.
    I think they are loosing there distinctive feature right now.
    F1 is the only racingleague were you have to build or develop your own cars.If you just buy any parts from who you like it is less exiting.
  • I found a picture with Neel Jani.
    The text beyond says that it would be as PS05B.
    I am not shure because I do not remember what the RBR1 looked alike and how a PS05 would look like in RedBull-Design.
    What is it?
  • It's a Red Bull car.
  • DONTSTOP if you check to FIA 2008 regs you can indeed run a customer chassis but you will be classed as a competitor, NOT a constructor. As such you will receive no monies from FOM. So spyker may be srewed but not because they did not buld their own car.
  • I hadn't heard about that. Is that in the sporting regulations?
  • It was in the FIA release published by Grandprix.com
  • Thanks Petrol but I can't find this; only that Patrick Head was demanding it. I would be very grateful if you have more info/links.
  • I have tried to find the article on GP.com but it seems that they have removed it. Interestingly, Moseley has said that customer cars are legal next year and that they will get points since points now go to the competitor.
    I think its now vital that we get a court ruling on this customer chassis thing. Personally I can't see the customer car helping smaller teams as only the top cars will be competitive. They won't be cheap and if you don't build your own car the value of your entry is diminished.
  • It's going to end up a two-tier championship, customer cars at the back and the factory cars up front. It will be a really, really expensive Atlantic grid.
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