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Title Sponsorship



  • Agreed Petrol, as long as we only have a budget to cover running costs progress will be well nigh impossible, as we have seen over the past couple of seasons, but with a decent sponsorship package and increased FOM money we have to set as much aside as we can for internal investment that will improve the pace of the car and the teams competativeness. But obviously you still have to run the team so we need to increase the revenues in tandem, which all goes back to increasing the income from the sponsors we have and finding a title sponsor and PS holding Bernie in the fire for as much dosh as he can get out of him.

    Easy really;)
  • he's a boy.:D

    ps P1, I guessyou've got a little confusion about catholics;):angel:
  • Congratulation salvo :D

    When will he join the FM.com-board? ;)

    Any news about the title sponsor? He should be announced this week...

    BTW: What do you mean with FOM?
  • Congrats Salvo :D

    So... when will he begin karting? 3 months? 4 months?
  • Congrats to Salvo (and family) !!!:D

    Homer, FOM = Formula One Management.
  • Congratulations salvo (& Mrs Salvo)

  • Good job Salvo. Next time a girl and you will have a pair!

    May our boys get tp play together one day.
  • Well done Salvo. Who's the father?
  • Viges Old bean, Salvo is a Sicilian. We will be drinking and he may be sitting behind or next to you.

  • I laugh in the face of danger.

    Then I run.
  • Ah I see you live by my adage

    "I can run faster scared then you can mad"
  • he's a boy.:D

    ps P1, I guessyou've got a little confusion about catholics;):angel:
    Salvo's future Minardi driver, may he be welcomed to FM.

    Have you already chosen the name, Salvo? Complimenti
  • Congrats Salvo to you and your family, hope all are well. :D
  • Any news about the title-sponsor? According to the GCM-Interview, it should be announced this month.....


    Homer - waiting -
  • Thanks to everybody but Viges:hehe:

    The boy is going to be the first italian world champion after Ascari.

    Yes, the name is chosen.

    Ant it is the one of the greates driver that ever drove a Minardi.
  • Jos? :angel:

    No, my money is on Pierluigi ;)
  • Not the driver who did best in Minardi, but the best driver that has been in Minardi.
  • Bravo!

    Gian Carlo as a middle name maybe?

    And thanks for that great picture - it is a really good shot.
  • I though of it. But Gian Carlo are two names, I don't like it as a middle name. Next one, if he's a boy:D

    Don't you think Michele is a very nice name?

    p.s. yes the picture is great, this site is beautiful
  • YES Michele is a great name. It has a nice sound to it with your last name - even with my poor pronunciation.

    I did not know that Gian Carlo was two names. I thought his name was Gian Carlo Some Other Middle Name Minardi. So his first name is Gian his middle Carlo etc etc?

    Is that the same for Pier Luigi?
  • GianCarlo and PierLuigi are not exactly two names, they are composed by two names.

    Gian Carlo (some writes it Giancarlo as one word) is composed by Giovanni (John) + Carlo. in composed names Giovanni becomes "Gian"

    Pier Luigi (or Pierluigi) is composed by Pietro (Peter) and Luigi.
  • So Gian Carlo would be like a Spaniard named Juan Carlos?
  • Congratulations Salvo! (A little bit late)
  • Michele is a great choice, salvo. I want him in karts by the time he's 6.

    This from the Alboreto site. Just a lovely reminder of what TOIT was up to in the good old days:


    [Edited on 29/1/2005 by viges]
  • Thanks Salvo. As you know from the email I forwarded to you Mr Minardi is VERY concerned that Gian and Carlo are two distinct words/names.

    Second son - sounds good to me - get to work a few months from now!

  • Argh! My eyes, stupid fucking TOITmobile :spank:

    Ahhh! Thats better :D
  • HEY! Clown boy - there was a time when TOIT had soul. Respect is REQUIRED.
  • Pfft... I'm a white male, aged 16-25, I respect no-one :P
  • OZ Minardi - when Clown arrives teach him respect. White male or not.
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