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F1 espionage ?!

What do you guys think about this? I can't imagine thet McLaren didn't know anything about this. This could get a bit nasty...

read this article


  • I heard that Stepney who was a Ferrari employee till some days ago, also played some nasty tricks (allegedly) when he messed with the Ferrari cars and sabotaged it before the races!!!!!!:o
  • Its all speculation. I expect our local boy Mr Vigars to provide us with a heads up on the QT!
  • as your in house wannabe lawyer i can tell you that filing a case in Italy against an individual who is domiciled in England is tactics at best, I fail to see how that court has any standing (though he will have to move to dismiss the case on grounds of a lack of standing) :cool:
  • ipso facto.... ex officio... ad hoc... nem con... ultra vires yabba daba do!

    p.s. does the court in the UK use certain Latin words as well?
  • are we talking technical information relating to a certain infraction of the rules by ferrari (and a few other teams) that mclaren complained to fia about earlier in the season?
  • According to the Autosport a second team received stuff belonging to TOIT. My bet is Red Bull .
  • Ferrari better have something of substance, or else they will look very very bad. At first it was white powder, which they do not talk about anymore, and now it is espionage.
  • The second team is Honda
  • No, Honda didn't receive any documents.

    Honda was approached by Stepney and Coughlan for employment though. What's significant about that? When Nigel Stepney met with Nick Fry to discuss things, he showed up with an unexpected Mike Coughlan.
  • Spot on Jello. That's the thing that I'd picked up as well. All this talk of Stepney, has clouded everybody to the fact that Coughlan was with him when talking to Honda about setting up a Tech group at there!!!
  • McLaren are in serious trouble.
  • Its impossible to prove information which MAY have been in Coughlan's head MAY or MAY NOT have found its way into the design of the McLaren.

    Sideline: say you were given designs from another team, would you trust the document? How would you know which bits the other team was using? Its a minefield.

    However, I have to say its quite funny a member of staff at a photo-copying shop in Woking 'shopped' Mrs Coughlan to Ferrari. Those tifosi are everywhere ...
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