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Euro3000 Francia - Glorious Victory!

Rigon finally wins, with Nunes second. Excellent!


  • Excellent news. The Real Minardi team does the business!
  • Forza Minardi!
  • :cool:
  • In Race2 Nunes win! Rigon was 4th.:)
  • Fantastic weekend! Why is this success not on the front page?
  • very fantastic weekend for minardi team. great!!!!!!!!

    If you want:
  • Fantastic weekend! Why is this success not on the front page?
    For the same reason RJ hasn't posted about the Toronto champcar race. He's occupied doing other things.
  • Repeat that sort of performance next weekend, and the 3000 titles are all but ours. Nunes is coming on well now, and Rigon has been up there all year. The competition is not all it might be, but Danielsson is a decent benchmark.
  • hehehe spark wants his money back
  • Well done Minardi. Going strong all over the world!!
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    hehehe spark wants his money back
    With interest please. Nice having a day off. I did not imagine the tour being so demanding and I'm only covering it!
  • get me an ag2r shirt and I might be inclined to do more updates :P
  • Fantastic results for the team, shame its so difficult to get to see it. More of the same this weekend and hopefully it will inspire the GP2 guys to similar heights!!!

    Come on RJ anyone would think you'd got nothing better to do......;)
  • What's a GP2?

    Is it like PS2?
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