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Dirty Kimi

Ive just read an article in the people saying that Kimi got kicket out of a strip joint as he whipped his todger out and started masterbating in front of 2 strippers!!!



  • Pee Wee Herman syndrome.

    [Edited on 24/1/2005 by MCSF]
  • Look! It's the monotone James Hunt! :D
  • Right over my head - did ol' James have a similar adventure?
  • James was a party animal. Kimi is a party animal, it seems.

    Kimi talks like a recorded message.
  • Thats it? Fuck I knew that.
  • no no RJ tis is crap I meant that FOCK I knew that - FOCK with an U.

    TOIT is one thing but FOCK?
  • Once again McLaren racer Kimi Raikkonen, the man hailed to take the world championship crown away from seven time world champion Michael Schumacher, has been caught drunk in a nightclub, but this time it was with his pants down, literally!

    People claim that the young Finnish racer was at a lapdancing club in Mayfair last week while his teammate Juan Pablo Montoya was busy testing ahead of the new F1 season and before being thrown out of the trendy London club For Your Eyes Only he was putting on a very lewd and drunken display that included a 5,000 pound alcohol bill and indecent exposure toward two lap dancers.

    "I was gobsmacked,” the manger of the Mayfair club told People. “I thought I'd seen most things in the lap dancing game but when I saw one of the world's top racing drivers sprawled there with his trousers undone I couldn't believe it."

    "I was working downstairs and got a call there was a problem,” he went on to explain. "I raced up and at first I thought there was nothing wrong. Then I looked again and Kimi's hand was there on his crotch with his trousers undone and his body exposed. I shouted 'What the Farg are you doing, get out now' but he waved me away. Fortunately it was nearly the end of the night and the house lights came on. I sent away the two girls, Kimberly and Brody, and managed to get his group downstairs. It was too much. He was drunk as a skunk and didn't care who saw what was going on. It doesn't matter how famous he is, it doesn't excuse his shocking behaviour."

    "Raikkonen was very arrogant and loud when he arrived - flashing his credit card for everyone to see but he didn't even use it and let mates pay the bill,” an eyewitness added. "The girls were halfway through a dance and were about to remove their G-strings when the management spotted the driver with his trousers undone. Every now and then you do get guys going over the top with the girls but you don't expect anyone to expose themselves - especially when they are a world famous millionaire racing car driver."

    Kimi, who hit the headlines for a similar drunken offence late last year, hasn’t spoken on the incident, however his friend Christian Vine told the publication that the allegations are absolute rubbish.

    "I'm sitting with Kimi now but I can't put him on the line because you will quote him,” Christian said in the drivers defence. "But it's absolute rubbish that he exposed himself. It's not appropriate for an F1 driver to speak to a newspaper about something like this especially on a Saturday afternoon when he is off duty."

    "The girls are used to men coming on to them but Raikkonen overstepped the mark. The poor girls were so embarrassed they didn't know where to look,” another member of staff added. "I feel sorry for his wife if that is the kind of thing she has to deal with."
  • Finnish.... to the bone.
  • LOL

    Geez, I like this kid.

    Kimi Wankkonen. Nobody understood the man was shifting gears, that's all.

    If he keeps like this he'll have to ask Uncle Ron for a wage increase to cover booze/fines.
  • roo,

    can you give me the source of the long quote please?

  • The new McLaren has been presented today. If during the season he'll manage to drive it faster than JPM, means he's right!
  • It was all over the yellow press here in Finland. I do not read them, though.

    I sincerely hope Räikkönen does not become another Matti Nykänen. (The former Finnish ski jumping olympic champion is currently in prison for stabbing his frend while being drunk.) :rolleyes:
  • He's never had any throttle control, that boy.
  • Just a touch of irony do we not think?

    The girls were just about to remove their G-Strings when he exposed himself! Shock horror.

    This is such a strange world.
  • thanks, biker.
  • Just a touch of irony do we not think?

    The girls were just about to remove their G-Strings when he exposed himself! Shock horror.

    This is such a strange world.
    Maybe cause it says down there 'as hot as a Mercedes engine about tp blast'
  • I'm starting to like this guy............He IS human and DOES posess a personality!!!
  • He IS human and DOES posess a personality
    Does he posess personality or does he pose his personality?? :rolleyes:
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