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FIA kills spy saga

The FIA has cancelled the hearing to evaluate McLaren's 2008 car, officially ending the spy saga! I guess it isn't bad news for the sport but McLaren sure got away easily on that one. What if they have a 1:1 copy of the Ferrari in the pipeline?


  • Naaaaah, RJ, that's impossible, for sure the last Ferrari info Macca got goes back to May, so they cannot have any final detail on the Ferrari 2008 car (Ferrari is not Toyota,having two planning teams working at the same time.....).
    Moreover, if Ferrari was really afraid the new McLaren to be a copy, do you think they would have allowed the dismissal of the Feb 14 hearing?

    On another issue, "nulla osta all'assunzione": assunzione in Italian means both "employment" and "take", like take a certain measure or a medicine, for example.
    "Nulla osta" is normally an administrative act by an authority having the power to block a procedure, whereby such authority gives its ok to go further.

    Therefore, you should be more detailed if you want me to give you a precise answer, but roughly ot means something like "no counterindication to the employment of a person" or " no counterindication to the taking" of a certain measure.
    If you give me more details, I can give you the exact translation.
  • hehe at the risk of going completely OT with this thread
    I read it here il sole24
  • Yes RJ, means "no objections to the employment" of these non-UE nationality immigrants as cleaning ladies or similar.
  • I had answered in italian.
    How can you trust someone as nuts as manlio?
  • FIA killed the spy saga. And who killed Nigel Stepney now?
  • you do love the archives, manlio...
  • I do, RJ. But you didn't reply my question!
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