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Dakar cancelled

No fun in the dunes this year as after the killing of four French "tourists it's just too dangerous" according to French TV


  • Just checked Dakar's site, and it is confirmed. The French tourists were killed last Dec. 24, and they have been recieving terrorist threats on the race from terrorist organizations.

    That really sucks, granted we don't get great coverage over in the states but I was looking forward to watching Carlos Sainz in the VW this year after coming so close last year against the Mitsubishi's.
  • Looks as though it was cancelled due to no insurance companies willing to insure them after the threats.

    Organizers losing about 26 million British pounds on this cancellation.
  • Quite a shame. And then, the Dakar is already dangerous itself, so I do not understand why were they so scared about stupid terrorists :cool::P
  • I think the natives have shown remarkable restraint. They should attack the Frenchies whenever possible.
  • I'm late here, but Robby Gordon lost $4.5 million because of the cancellation, which is probably a little more than most teams since he's based in the US, but not by that much. The organizers can probably recover from that 26 million pounds easier than a lot of the teams can recover from their losses. Robby wondered why they didn't just do SOMETHING, rather than cancelling the whole race outright. A few specials at least. I kind of understand his point there, but at the same time, it still wouldn't really have worked.
  • Dakar moving to South America next year, due to security problems!

    New landscape should be Argentina-Chile.

    Fantastic as well, but it won't be the Dakar anymore.
  • Seeing how I still have a dollar advantage versus Argentina, I might have a try at going to see it next year, possibly convince my friend to visit her family and let me tag along. Anyways it should be a good race from what I have heard and seen of the landscape.
  • And the Patagonian Dakar started. They're now in Puerto Madryn, where I was a couple of years ago.
    Fantastic scenery, I can't wait to see the images on TV.

    Sainz leading the cars on his VW, I support him a lot, see if he makes it to the end in this position!
  • Looks like a good Dakar so far, scenery is great. If I wasn't a poor student I would go down there with a friend.

    Pulling for Sainz and the VW's too, looking good so far compared to the Mitsubishi's.

    Just disappointed that we only get a 30 minute highlight show here in the states, we use to have way better coverage years back.
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