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Congratulations Simon


  • Congrats on the baby boy! Good start to the year not to mention its not too much longer for your book either.
  • Building a dynasty? Congratulations Simon. Now your just 0.3 off what the average number of children per household is!
  • Congratulations Simon have you booked your appointment for the snip yet?:D
  • Hello chaps, yes Pierluigi Vigar has debuted. Never say never but Mrs V says NEVER again. I'll take that as a maybe, then.

    P.S. his real name is James.
  • Congrats my friend:)
  • Congratulations Simon
    James is an excellent name (thats what i called mine) :)

    Wishing you and the Mrs all the best!!

    Good luck with getting sleep for the next 12 months ;)
  • Who's Simon?
  • Well done Viges.

    The world needs more people, but remember not too many!

  • Congrats!
  • Does it come on hardback?

    Congrats mate!
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