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F1 lacks character

Now am I the only one who thinks that this years crop of drivers SERIOUSLY lacks some characters? Not that I genuinely miss the likes of Irvine and Villeneuve as while they were "in office" I was highly irritated by their antics BUT their absense makes me realise how bland the current offering is. I mean even a Hakkinen or Schumacher would do. What do we have this year? The shy smirking of Lewis Hamilton, the receding hairline of Bob Kubica and the monotone nothingness of Kimi. I've been following the sport for 15 odd years (nothing in comparison to some of the seniors in here) and I hardly ever gave a flying toss about who was in front. It's the things surrounding F1 that made it worthwhile. I find those elements lacking, big time.


  • I agree 100%. The only drivers that slightly interest me this season are Alonso and Bourdais. And the only reason Bourdais is interesting is because I watched Champcar last season and I liked his attitude :).

    I was just speculating what an ideal field would look like. But it's kind of difficult to regulate this kind of thing. You can't just say that each team should contain a driver with personality ;). But Villeneuve, Montoya or Irvine always added something extra.
  • I sure miss a character like Irvine. One aspect you have missed are the team owners, we really need someone like Eddie Jordan or Paul Stoddart to make things more interesting. The rest are all too corporate, even Flavio who was good for a story now an then is really tied up by Renault.
  • Money. Fear. They're quite good motivators. I would generalise and say most workplaces have become bland. I could never get away now with the sort of things that went on in newsrooms 20 years ago. The pipe has had to go for one thing ... As for the shouting, swearing, bullying and laughter ...
  • About Raikkonen I disagree 100%, and I would also mention Alonso. It is easy to have a flamboyant, bold speech, and no attitude. Raikkonen does not try to look like a nice guy, he goes to the podium and swallows the champaigne like a drunkman, no matter what it looks like. It is a small detail, but there´s not been any detail like that at all in years. Raikkonen always repeats the same things in the press conferences, as the reporters ALWAYS ASK THE SAME QUESTIONS. And those guys are there to drive, not to speak to the press.

    Alonso goes a little in the same direction. He pointed his finger to Massa last season, made a huge mess in the spy scandal and in its relation with LH and Mclaren, etc. etc. To me he mostly acted like an idiot, but at least he DID something. The rest is the rest, but it is always like that. You never have 22 characters on the field. In fact, 2 or 3 can do the job.
  • Yes, Kimi has taken Mika's philosophy to the max - i.e. give the media nothing. You are right, sports journalists are the same the world over (showbiz are even worse) but, remember, to get any stories at all they need access - press officers are now all-powerful and deny access very quickly.
  • nah, don't agree. Mika had a certain very dry sense of humour which is completely lacking with Kimi
  • About Raikkonen I disagree 100%, and I would also mention Alonso. It is easy to have a flamboyant, bold speech, and no attitude. Raikkonen does not try to look like a nice guy
    Good point and I can appreciate that attitude. At least he's not acting like some of the other media puppets. But still, the man is boring. If anyone else would act like him everyone would agree. It's just that they put this stupid "ice man" label on him.

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  • RJ, in your article you mentioned Senna and Mansell, we can add Prost, Lauda, Rosberg, Piquet, Alboreto, Jones, Reutemann, Villeneuve, Arnoux, Pironi.
    Down to Berger and Alesi.

    They were ALL characters, but that was also because in general it was more a sport for "danger knights" than a business.

    I have to say the blame for this "business" approach by drivers has to go in part to Alain and Ayrton, who were characters but who produced a Michael Schumacher.

    But in general, the reason why now the approach is different (also "physically", if you think about it, now drivers are all athletes, while Piquet or Reutemann were not, and Jones, Tambay and Pironi were almost fat....)is that, with all this money, sponsors and big constructors involved, F1 is a business. Bernie even calls it so!

    This said, I have to say that Alonso is enough of a character, and the rivalry between him, Kimi and Hamilton can create a thrilling atmosphere in the future. And I also wait for Rosberg to get to the top, I think he'll be a character as well.
  • C'mon, a press conference with Kimi, Nick and Sebastian (the French tool) would be a riot.
    Just stick in DC and his 3 colours of shit and who knows what will happen.

    I'm sure the FIA are the real culprits, you know, "bringing the sport into disrepute" bla bla bla...

  • "bringing the sport into disrepute" bla bla bla...
    Oh well done there prophet.
  • i miss the guy in my signature
  • davidson has a potential, i kind of like him.
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