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Stoddart wants Mosley exit and F1 return

Paul Stoddart on Sunday again hinted that he might return to Formula One if Max Mosley departs as FIA President.

The pair share an acrimonious past after crossing swords politically, as Australian-born Stoddart ran the Minardi team between 2001 and until he sold out to Red Bull at the end of 2005.

In no uncertain terms, he said Mosley must be removed as head of world motoring's governing body, because of the sex scandal.

"This arsehole has got to go for the sake of the sport," Stoddart told the Weekend Australian newspaper.

After the Bahrain royal family urged Mosley against attending the Grand Prix this weekend, Stoddart similarly advised Spain's King Juan Carlos to also shun the embattled FIA President ahead of the next Grand Prix.

"There is absolutely no question in my mind that Mosley must go, and only then will I come back to the sport as a team owner," he added.

Source: GMM
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I cant see Bernie giving the thumbs up for this?
...but Paul has always put his heart and soul into the sport at least, not a heads down, arse up sort of attitude . . . Dohhhhhhh!


  • "This arsehole has got to go for the sake of the sport," Stoddart told the Weekend Australian newspaper
    hahaha, stoddie the diplomat :-)
  • I can't believe Mosley hasn't fallen on his sword (or some other device that the whores used to punish him).

    What will it take for him to realise that he does not own the FIA and the harm he is doing to the F1 brand.

    It would be good to see Stoddart back & probably with the Minardi name. But I can't see where he would get the capital from.

    Maybe he can become the FIA President?
  • I'd love to see Stoddie back, as for capital who knows, maybe some wealthy Middle East backers.

    As for FIA president I wouldn't mind Stoddie, but I think Jackie Stewart has it right that the next FIA president should not come from within the sport, well at least not Todt for sure!
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