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British GP to move in 2010

It has been announced that from 2010 the British GP will be held at a revamped Donington for at least 10 years.

This BBC online article gives more details.

Bet the BDRC are not very happy.

But I think its a good thing it means that the GP is slightly more centrally based in the UK with an international airport next door and seeing F1 cars coming down the Craner curves will be brilliant.


  • Well, there's always a need to suspect one of Bernie's stunts, but if it does come to pass, then great - even if the fans will end up picking up the tab for the redevelopment.
  • It's not a stunt its been confirmed and Damon Hill (chairman of the BRDC) is not happy because of the timing of the announcement.
  • I still suspect more to come on this. With Bernie, there's confirmed, and there's confirmed.
  • They have to do alot of work, especially on run-off and access roads - its worse than Silverstone used to be in the bad old days. Moto GP fans a couple of weeks ago spent hours in the car parks.

    Its sad for Silverstone but half of the BRDC will not be unhappy to see the back of Bernie and the 'loss leader' GP. I will be pleasantly amazed if the guys at Donington can make money out of this one.

    I will be very sad to see the back of Becketts and Stowe - fantastic places to watch Grand Prix cars at the absolute max.
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