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  • hi Jumpey, I find your suggestion very reasonable, my only comment - is 3 hours enough or lets do it 8 hours or 24 hrs? The others please comment...
    And no :-) I do not intend to get up in the middle of the night :-)
  • Now, I don't want to be overly critical of people changing things all of the time, but...........................................................

    Once upon a time in a European Union Committee

    We need to take action, because the Cross-Border road has a sharp turn on it. The cars have to brake to slow speed, and there have been a lot of minor accidents. It is only a matter of time before someone is hurt. We must ACT!

    We will straighten the road!

    Yes, we will make the road safer, AND create jobs!

    With new jobs created, we will be creating wealth.

    More people will be able to afford to buy new homes. Building new homes will create more jobs, and more people will be able to afford to build more new homes. This is brilliant!

    What will happen to the people who are hired to build the road when it is finished? They will not be able to afford their mortgages. They will be destitute. nobody will be building new homes because the market will be flooded with mortgagee-in-possession auctions. The building sector will suffer terrible job losses. The houses will sell for nothing and the housing market will collapse. Banks will be put under tremendous strain with all of the mortgage defaults. The whole financial system could collapse!! Mass unemployment. The horror............the horror.

    We will recommend to the Minister that the road is not straightened. He's a politician and will see that the straighteniong will be a bad thing in the long-term.


    The Global financial crisis continues to build today as more economies affected by the global downturn, slide into recession.

    Meanwhile in other news; Another high-speed overtaking accident on the Cross-Border road claimed three lives today. This takes to 23 the number of people killed on the perfectly straight section that crosses the border since the road was straightened last year.
  • so, minardi4eva and neil_s, what happens now, trulli reinstated and hamilton and team penalised for misleading the stewards!!!

    rule 4.0 unchanged is best?
  • It's getting beyond a joke!!!

    Right, my views, reinstate the original points for Aus (Trulli top ex Minardi)

    From next race, change rule 4.0 to 8 hours or 12 hours (think i prefer 12), and then stick by it! We have people from all over the world on here, so im sure someone can confirm what the FIA results were 12 hours after the race (So Neil doesn't have to get out of bed!).

    And Lease, thanks for your input ;)
  • I think we need a full time referee!!!!! :-)
    but I like the rules as finally emended in the other thread...
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