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Monaco walkover

The only good thing about the race was that there might be an end to the FIA/FOTA dispute. It seems to revolve around no change to the technical regulations for next year apart from refuelling.
Mosely has to appreciate every time you change the regulations spending increases exponentially. The manufacturers will already be handicapped by changing engine mapping to endurance while still maintaining performance.


  • btw well done Bourdais
  • Yeah, Jensey-baby, oh yes. Loved the run to the podium at the end and you could see what it meant to him and Dad.

    This race demonstrated the difference between the two Brawn drivers; Jenson was much kinder to his tyres.
  • didn't rubens drive with a faulty seat belt? he must have been tossed around the cockpit quite a bit
  • Excuses, excuses.
  • Barrichello is a professional number 2. Its time he faced up to it.
  • If to his talent and his extraordinary car you add an abominable portion of good luck, there is nothing to do. Really nothing to do.

    Poor jense had already won the race, when Clewlis (!) triggered the first safety car. And both Ferdy and Jense would have had a great chance to pass in the last three laps, had Petrov and Alguersuari not crashed.....
    This time, Seb had got it wrong, just wrong strategy.....

    Apart from that, real mastery shown by Seb, by Ferdy and by Jense, and by Kobayashi as well.

    Crazy crazy Clewlis, but I loved him beside Massa in the tunnel.
    I don't really get the criticism on Montecarlo: other circuits have to go, Monaco DEFINITELY has to stay! Also the Perez and Petrov crashes showed it is actually safer than many others!
  • Wow Clewlis lived up to his name, Twat!

    Too bad they let everyone change tyres at the restart. Really wanted to see Fred, Jens and Seb on old tyres.

    manlio, why dig up an old thread?
  • Lewis' new slogan is going to be 'he turned in on me'. This is to be used for every incident where a driver does not indicate, pull to the outside of a corner and apply the handbrake when Lewis is within 100 metres.

    Good driver, but his overtaking moves lately have been a fricken joke.

    Vettel just keeps on steamrolling to the WDC. If, as he asserts, the call on tyres was his, then it must be applauded. He backed himself to drive to the end on skates, and may have pulled it off.

    Button must be absolutely fuming at the calls made by the team. He was the gun on the day, and should have won.

    At the end of the day though, Monaco is just like a wet day on any other track. A lottery where the winner is the guy who can qualify fast, make the fewest number of pitstops, and plant himself in the middle of the track untuil the safety car comes out - wins.

    Red Flag rules????????? goodness me. First, Lewis gets to drive a couple of laps with a broken wing, then he gets to fix it on the grid. That was quite extraordinary. It is amazing that he was complaining at all, his placing simply should not have been for at least two reasons, yet he got away with points.
  • manlio is the king of disinterring old threads! Bloody confusing though - always have to check your dates, dear boy.

    Yes, agree with much of the above. Lewis seems very punchy right now, fuelled by increasing tetchiness within Macca. However, as DC said, at least Whitmarsh allows the guys to let off steam, unlike Ron.

    Jense looked very good and hopefully will continue that at Montreal but once we get back to the 'aero' tracks then RBR will seal the title.

    Come in Webbo, your time is up. Sad but true - his face said it all in the post race interviews.
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